All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick. And this week on my channel is going to be all about YouTube marketing for loan officers. So today I’m going to give you one tip, how you can get more people to find your videos every single time you add videos on YouTube and it’s going to be to put the keyword or whatever phrase you’re trying to rank for.

You need to put that phrase in three places on your video. All right.

Number one, you need to put it in the title. So whatever phrase you want to rank for, that’s what your video should be titled or at least that phrase should be in the video.

Number two, you need to put the phrase in the description. Preferably you have it in the first sentence and in the last sentence, on, you know, in the description. And again, there’s no limit on that. So you can make the description however long you feel like making it.

Number three, you need to have whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for. Whenever you’re doing YouTube marketing as a loan officer and put that keyword in the actual keywords.

Okay. So I think you do make all them tags or keywords, one of those two, and you’re going to want to put, you know, the keyword phrase that you’re trying to rank for in that spot as well. So make sure you have it in the title, in the description and in the tags. And when you’re doing YouTube marketing for loan officers, you’re going to find that it’s going to have a big impact on your rankings and having people find your video organically on YouTube.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can get the rest of the videos this week. Like I said, it’s going to be all about YouTube marketing for loan officers. So stay tuned. See yah!

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