What’s going on it’s Nick, I’m going to take you inside real quick and give you a tour of mortgage marketing mastery in Legion of Loan Officers 2018. Here we go. So you can see you have the major program, mortgage marketing mastery, which I’m going to go inside in just a second. And then you also have the three bonus trainings that exist in here.

Page One Take Over

Now, page one takeover is all about how to take over YouTube and dominate YouTube in your local market.

Supercharge Social Camp

You also get access to supercharge social camp, which was a one day private of social media training for an insurance mastermind Mushawn Mathis.

72 Hour Listing

And then also we have 72 hour listing, which is six ways that realtors can sell any house in the first three days.

Mortgage Marketing Mastery in Legion of Loan Officers 2018

So let’s take a look inside of mortgage marketing mastery.

A.) Module 1 – we have all the tech setups, everything that you need there.

B.) Module 2 – is all about how to launch ads. So we give you six different types of ads that you can launch.

C.) Module 3 – is our online conversion process. We call it TEP conversion process. And we’re also going to give you our scripts and everything you need there.

That’s basically what’s in the first three modules, is all about how you can generate your own leads, which you probably want to do that. Right.

D.) Module 4 – is all about organic realtor engagement. So we give you five different strategies. You see it right there on exactly how you can get realtors to want to reach out to you on Facebook. So you can be able to engage them in a business conversation.

E.) Module five – is the agent attraction system part one, which is all about how we’re going to get belly to belly with eight to 20 realtors every single month for free this entire process in module five doesn’t cost anything.

f.) Module six – is all about the site visit. So when a realtor comes to your office, the first time, exactly what that process should look like.

The last three modules are all about how you can get at least 10 referral partners. Do you have 10 realtor partners? And if not, why not? If I have the way to help you get there, is that something that you’re interested in, then you can, we have it all scripted out exactly the way that you should go about hosting a realtor at your office.

All right. And then we have some other live training recordings down here in the bottom as well. All right. Cool. So take a look around, let me know if you have any questions. There’s several buttons below where you can schedule appointments. If you want to go ahead and. Schedule a time to chat about joining us inside of the program.

I know there’s not just like a buy button here in the front like that. And that’s because we like to personally intake every single member and make sure that you’re a fit before we allow you inside. So again, click the button down below. If you want to schedule a call chat with you soon,

Reviews on Nick of Legion of Loan Officers 2018

“All these classes that he holds are great, uh, very informative.”

“And I really appreciate the tips and. Different ways to not be afraid.”

“I just attended a workshop with Nick carpenter about doing video to market, to social media. It’s a great class.”

“Hi, this is Tammy Brown from benchmark mortgage in Lexington, Kentucky.”

“Nick is awesome. Guys, go to the next class. Let’s go to the next events.”

“I highly recommend taking classes by him.”

“He knows more about social media than anybody that I’ve ever met.”

“Definitely well worth the time and, uh, definitely someone that you want to get with and learn from.”

“And thanks for the training yourself, so many things that we’ve been wondering how to do and you made it so easy.”

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