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Hi! What’s going on? Happy Day Ahead! I wanted to just come live with you real quick and talk about when is the best time to follow up with or email old mortgage leads? The thing is if you’re running Facebook ads or you’re doing any kind of lead generation, then you have a percentage of people that are going to pre-approve or they’re going to convert out right away.

Lead Generation on Facebook Ads

Leads Conversion

Right? Say for example, on Facebook ads. When we run Facebook ads, maybe you’re going to convert eight or 10%. Those people that respond to a Facebook ad. Maybe you’re going to convert eight or 10% of those people right away, right. During the first couple of days, but everybody else is not going to convert out right away, because maybe they’re either not ready yet, or they want to get to know like, and trust you a little bit before they decide to actually, give you all their personal information and talk to you about their finances and buying a house and all of that sort of thing.

What to do on Leads that are not Converted?

So if you have people that don’t convert out right away. Right? Say for example, that, like I said, 80 to 90% of people, it’s going to be typical, the 80 or 90% of leads you generate on Facebook, aren’t going to convert right away. Right. Those people are not going to be ready to go look at a house this weekend, or they’re not going to be ready to get pre-approved today.

So if for those folks, what you need to do is, you need to have some kind of way to follow up with them, right. So what are you doing right now in order to follow up with your leads that aren’t converting out? Are you putting them into some kind of email system and staying in contact with them? Now a lot of loan officers, they’ll say like, Oh, I want to have a drip system.

Right. I hear that phrase a lot a drip system. But to me, a drip is dumb because it’s not very personal and it’s not real time. And a lot of times people can tell that it’s a drip that was written a long time ago. Now there are some people you may have the skills for copywriting where you can write an awesome drip and it feels really personal.

It feels real. It feels like you’re doing it right now, but for most folks, that’s not the case. And if you’re using the drips that come inside of these email systems out here in these CRMs, it’s probably terrible. Right? The dripping side of those things in general, when people are writing these emails, they’re really long, and you can just tell that it wasn’t something that was written right there off the cuff.

Best Day to Email Old Mortgage Leads

So the reason I decided to go live today and talk about this, is because Thursdays is the best day that I’ve found to follow up with old real estate leads. One of the reasons is that if somebody responds and they are interested in doing something, try to hook them up with a realtor to go out this weekend.

So Thursday’s an awesome day. So if, you know, if you’re not doing anything to follow up with your old mortgage leads. And you’re just letting those folks die off or you’re using some kind of antiquated drip system. You need a better way, then just consider to write up a personal email.

Consider writing like a personal email, to that list of people that didn’t convert out, once a week. And for me, like I said, I found that if you write on Thursdays, it’s one of the better days to communicate with them.

That way, they are thinking about the weekend, you’ll know. And if they’re interested, you could go ahead and get them pre-approved and be able to connect them up with a realtor so you can hook them up for the weekend. So think about that, right? Maybe you have old leads, you have a database right now of people that you know were leads and you never did anything with them.

Maybe today is an awesome day to shoot them an email. All right. So thinking about that. If you need some help with what you’re supposed to say, when you’re writing these people, or how do you convert more of the leads out. Well, we do that kind of stuff inside of mortgage marketing mastery. So there’s a link right around here.

I’d invite you to apply for the program. We have a pretty sweet sales page. You can go check out or a little overview page. That’ll give you some insight on what we’re doing inside. Exactly. And you can make a decision from there. If our community is something that you want to be a part of or not. So let me know if you have any questions, you know, write a comment.

I can get back with you later and let you know. if you have any or need some input and need some help on how we’re doing this, try shooting an email to all your old leads today on Thursday and, uh, see how that goes for you. Let me know in the comments, if you have some success with it, love to hear about it

All right. Hope you have a great one.

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