Trey McClure is a Mortgage Broker from Illinois who attended a UWM Success Track event at the United Wholesale Mortgage offices up in Detroit, Michigan.

This is a free-ish 3 day event that teaches mortgage brokers how to use all the tools the #1 wholesale lender in the country offers besides those square “Cleared to Closed in X Days” graphics everyone uses.

Believe it or not, UWM actually has a whole suite of services to make loans close more smoothly but Mortgage Brokers should still shop around if they truly have the clients best interest in mind.

The challenge today is that many brokers never rate shop and just send everything over to UWM.

Here’s what Trey McClure shared on this recorded YouTube video about The Legion of Loan Officers when he was attending a recent UWM Success Track event –

Trey actually watched us from the sidelines for almost 3 years and then finally decided to jump head first into growing his mortgage business using The Legion Method™ to attract his ideal referral partner.

The truth is that those Monday cold calls The CORE Training and Mortgage Marketing Animals teach work IF you work the calls. But they also suck lol. That’s why you see Loan Officers hiring dialers and overseas workers to call the Realtors.

The Legion of Loan Officers has a completely different approach since we attract agents and not chase them.

Just like the UWM Success Track that has a specific plan to increase loan volume, The Legion Method™ goes hand in hand with their concepts of standing out, being different and offering the best service to clients and partners.

We aren’t for everyone. Only the committed.

Find out why Trey finally bit the bullet, did something to change, and felt so compelled to tell an entire room of hundreds of mortgage brokers attending the UWM Success Track class in Detroit.

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