Refinance Cash Truck

This text refinance cash truck message has generated millions of dollars of production for my clients and also people in the Legion as well. It’s a super simple message that you can send out to your entire past client database. You can also send this message to all of your online leads, those you’ve generated. Because our research in our experience shows about 25% of online leads for a new home purchase or home buying focused ad are currently homeowners right now.

So around a quarter of your leads that are sitting in your pipeline. Maybe those that haven’t been touched in a while, they already own a home and would be a good fit for a refinance focused message. You can also get with your realtor partners and say, “Hey, I would love to share this message with your database.”

Here’s the benefit for you, because you definitely have to kind of sell them on that idea, the benefit to them is we’re going to position this as a way for them to get cash out, to do home improvements so that whenever you come back and sell the home in three to five years, the home is worth more money.

What you get from this Text Refinance Cash Truck

You get more commission, you’re helping your clients save money on their monthly payment. Maybe letting them skip a payment, putting some money in their pocket, do home improvement. That’s going to increase your business and also just improve their image of you because you’re helping them do this.

So it’s a great way for you to get with your realtor’s database and push that out. You can have this text refinance cash truck for the messaging. So the refinance cash truck and the message is super simple.

“Hey, two quick questions for you. When did you close on your house and what does the interest rate on your mortgage payment? A lot’s changing right now, and I might be able to save you some money every month, or maybe even skip a payment hope. You’re awesome.”

Keep it super simple to the point, asking them only two things. There are things they should be able to answer really easily.

And then, you know, at the end I say, hope you’re awesome, right? Put your own word on that. If you have your own, however you talk, you want to put that message across the same way, right? They want to feel connected to you, especially if they’ve been your past client, they’re probably already connected to you.


They know how you talk, change that up to fit, you know, your verbiage or your mannerisms. This is the best way to engage your database to get more business, right? This is people who’ve, you’ve worked with two or three years ago and you’re hitting them in a way they probably haven’t been talked about before.

A lot of people are talking on social media about refinances, putting up interest rates are under 2% right now, and pushing a lot of their messaging out, but the average person might not know exactly how that can benefit them. So what this does is allows you to engage them in a way that’s really non-confrontational.

“Hey, two quick questions, What’s your payment right now? When did you close your house or what’s your interest rate? And when did you close in your house?”

Then you can go and educate them on the options and the benefits of what refinancing might be for them and their situation. And it’s just a really great way to get some quick money into your pipeline, because these are people that you’ve already connected with real low friction.

They already know you and you can get some extra business that way through this message.

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