The Legion of loan Officers, when you’re in a team, how would you describe it?

For the Legion, it is more than just a team, it more than just a partnership. It is a FAMILY.

This post will briefly describe how some members of the Legion describe it in one word or how the Legion made them feel about themselves.

“So the one word I would use to describe the Legion of loan officers is CONFIDENCE. The confidence that I have now, as opposed to when I started is just off the charts. I’m comfortable being me. I’m comfortable putting myself out there.”

Steve Marks, Ohana Mortgage HI

“I would say Epic, it’s EPIC BRILLIANCE. Despite the fact that we’re all in the same industry. And a lot of us are in the same States. There’s no competition, it’s nothing but respect and leveling each other up. So that’s Epic.”

Mylo Draven, VIP Mortgage Inc

“The minds of the people that are in the Legion of loan officers are absolutely brilliant.”

Joanna Perry, AMNET CA

“One word, mind blowing. Like you’re not having to chase the business down. You, you have built a relationships partnerships with agents. And that is worth its weight.”

Reed Letson, Elevation Mortgage

“Freedom, FREEDOM. It’s given me so much more freedom with my time, with the way I conduct my business and my finances.”

Alexa Rae, CMS Mortgage Solutions, VA

You can build your own business alone, think of your own marketing strategy, find other sales partner but being in a group like “The Legion of loan officers” will also help you increase your resources and target market let alone having a bunch of fun people to work and to learn with also.

Lastly, If you think of joining our team sign up here.

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