Neighborhood Tour Video Marketing Idea For Realtors

neighborhood tours

Neigborhood tours, what does it look like? Neighborhood tours, the reason we’re going to talk about this right now, is this is really one of the secret weapons on how you can win against all when everybody else is competing for real estate attention. Okay then, I’m talking about Facebook, YouTube and obviously if you’re […]

How to Promote your Videos in Real Estate Marketing

promote your videos

Promote your Videos How can you actually promote the videos? There are a few different options that you have. We talked about it already, you can put the video on YouTube and keyword it around that business name, not around you or anything that has to do with you. It’s like five questions with the […]

Local Business and Events Promotion for Realtor Video Marketing

local business event promotion

How will your Local Business Event promotion help in Real Estate Marketing? Last idea I got for you is local business and event promotion. Now, what I mean by this is the idea of becoming your local ambassador. Exposure is valuable, we talked about how attention is currency. Well, if you can give attention to […]