From 2 to 8 Loans Per Month in The Legion of Loan Officers


Loans Target is really hard to attain in your monthly deliverables if you don’t have the right resources and the right team to walk you through it. Read on this article to know how one of the members from The Legion of loan Officers increased his targets from 2 to 8 loans per month. For […]

Can Organic Mortgage Marketing Beat Paid Marketing?

organic mortgage marketing

Organic Mortgage Marketing – Chris Griffith from Debt Does Deals believes will be paid marketing every day for Loan Officers. Firstly, a lot of Sellers/Realtors/Agents use paid ads to attract prospect buyers, but for Chris, using organic marketing would increase your target clients as much as the paid ads will do for you. When too […]

`Quarantine Marketing for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers Part 2 of 4

Quarantine Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

What’s going on back again for quarantine marketing for mortgage brokers part two, so that we can talk about how you can keep winning while you’re locked in your house with your kids and your animals and all this stuff that you’re not used to on a daily basis. You’re used to having adult time […]

How Mortgage Brokers Can Get More Client Reviews

client reviews

Client Reviews – so every sales or marketing person get attention or clients as such based on their client reviews. Client reviews gives a prospect client a background on how you do or what you do to help your clients that made them choose you. Getting Client Reviews So fifth strategy is Getting Client Reviews. […]