Pickup Artist Skills For Loan Officers

There are a lot of similarities between dating and our world of attracting Realtor partners which is why having pickup artist skills for loan officers is helpful. It makes sense since the mortgage profession is majority male and the real estate world is majority female. Many people, especially women, are not familiar with the idea […]

How To Add More Realtor Partners as a Loan Officer in 2023

How To Add More Realtor Partners as a Loan Officer in 2023

Old school strategies that used to work pretty well to grow a mortgage business are old news to the modern day agent. They don’t need your coffee in the morning, are on a strict grass fed dairy free diet for lunch and don’t eat out and they would rather go out with their actual friends […]

Get More Juice From Your Mortgage Marketing

juice from your mortgage marketing

What I’m going to share to you today is how to get more juice from your mortgage marketing. So what does that really mean? It’s like, how can you get more out of what you’re already doing? Okay. So how can you get more juice from your mortgage marketing? Juice from your Mortgage Marketing – […]

This Text Made Loan Officers Over $1 MILLION

This text refinance cash

Refinance Cash Truck This text refinance cash truck message has generated millions of dollars of production for my clients and also people in the Legion as well. It’s a super simple message that you can send out to your entire past client database. You can also send this message to all of your online leads, […]

How Do You Target Renters With Facebook Ads?

how do you target renters

Another common loan officer, Facebook ads question is, “is there a way to target renters with Facebook ads?” or “How Do You Target Renters With Facebook Ads?” The answer is Yes. Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business, create loyal customers, and generate […]

YouTube Marketing for Loan Officers (How To Get Found)

YouTube Marketing for Loan Officers

All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick. And this week on my channel is going to be all about YouTube marketing for loan officers. So today I’m going to give you one tip, how you can get more people to find your videos every single time you add videos on YouTube and it’s going to […]

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook (Made Easy)

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook

All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick, wanted to provide a little value today for everybody here in the realtor lead gen tips group and show you how you can market your database on Facebook. This Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook is used because it’s a cool way that you can stay in front of […]

Mortgage Facebook Ads: How to Target Relocation Clients

Mortgage Facebook Ads

All right, what’s up it’s Nick. I’m gonna show you real quick about mortgage Facebook ads. Gary here was asking about, you know, if he knows, how can he find people in Cincinnati that are going to be moving here with Toyota because, or not here rather, I guess here as in like, I used […]

Market Update in Real Estate Marketing – Video Idea

Is market update good for real estate marketing? In general, market update, they’re pretty boring, because they can be long and drawn out, right?. Nobody’s going to dedicate five minutes to watching a market update video. They’re just not going to do that. If they click on a video, it’s like four minutes and 58 […]

Come Out of Coronavirus With a Stronger Mortgage Team

come out of coronavirus

Come out of CoronaVirus, how can we overcome this pandemic? How does the economy bounce back? The first law of combat in the book, extreme ownership is called covered, move. You’ll find out more, if you join us in an in person event in Las Vegas. Fundamentally cover and move is a gun fighting tactic. […]