Mortgage Leads – Scrub 30 Percent with this Automation

mortgage leads

Automation of Mortgage Leads Automation to get mortgage leads will help you convert more business. This will really help you focus your time on who you can actually work with. We have response rate in some of our different campaigns. We got 71%, that’s a very high response rate down to our average of between […]

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers

Military VA Mortgage Leads

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers –​ Hey, I’m Nick. I have a quick question for you. So, Do you work with military home buyers? Do you like helping military veterans use the VA home loan program in order to become a homeowner or to refinance their existing loan? or we’re actually generating. […]

What Is The Best Day To Email Old Mortgage Leads?

email old mortgage leads

Email Old Mortgage Leads Hi! What’s going on? Happy Day Ahead! I wanted to just come live with you real quick and talk about when is the best time to follow up with or email old mortgage leads? The thing is if you’re running Facebook ads or you’re doing any kind of lead generation, then […]