Pickup Artist Skills For Loan Officers

There are a lot of similarities between dating and our world of attracting Realtor partners which is why having pickup artist skills for loan officers is helpful. It makes sense since the mortgage profession is majority male and the real estate world is majority female. Many people, especially women, are not familiar with the idea […]

What Is The Legion of Loan Officers?

legion of loan officers 2018

What’s going on it’s Nick, I’m going to take you inside real quick and give you a tour of mortgage marketing mastery in Legion of Loan Officers 2018. Here we go. So you can see you have the major program, mortgage marketing mastery, which I’m going to go inside in just a second. And then […]

Loan Officers: Shock & Awe Realtors into Becoming Referral Partners

Shock & Awe Realtors

Shock & Awe Realtors Shock & Awe Realtors. All right. What’s up? I’m Nick, we’re going to talk about the L D T model to Shock & Awe Realtors into becoming referral partners. But before we talk about what that is, let’s talk about what that isn’t. Okay. The LDT model. It’s not Monday cold […]

The Legion in One Word


The Legion of loan Officers, when you’re in a team, how would you describe it? For the Legion, it is more than just a team, it more than just a partnership. It is a FAMILY. This post will briefly describe how some members of the Legion describe it in one word or how the Legion […]