How Loan Officer Online Marketing All Connects Together?

loan officer online marketing

How it Connects for loan officer online marketing? All right. So one of the questions I get a lot is how does all the loan officer online marketing stuff connect together? How does it all work? You know, how does making YouTube videos work with blogging and Facebook ads? And you know, actually getting leads […]

How Do You Target Renters With Facebook Ads?

how do you target renters

Another common loan officer, Facebook ads question is, “is there a way to target renters with Facebook ads?” or “How Do You Target Renters With Facebook Ads?” The answer is Yes. Facebook Ads – Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools out there to grow your business, create loyal customers, and generate […]

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook (Made Easy)

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook

All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick, wanted to provide a little value today for everybody here in the realtor lead gen tips group and show you how you can market your database on Facebook. This Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook is used because it’s a cool way that you can stay in front of […]

Mortgage Facebook Ads: How to Target Relocation Clients

Mortgage Facebook Ads

All right, what’s up it’s Nick. I’m gonna show you real quick about mortgage Facebook ads. Gary here was asking about, you know, if he knows, how can he find people in Cincinnati that are going to be moving here with Toyota because, or not here rather, I guess here as in like, I used […]

How To Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

real estate leads facebook

Real Estate Leads Facebook All right. What’s up Nick carpenter. I was just looking here in the realtor lead-generation tips group, then I saw Brian Cagle asked a question about real estate leads Facebook. Has anyone had success holding open houses during the week or door-knocking hot neighborhoods? I think I need an extra source […]

Loan Officer Marketing on Facebook Like a Freakin’ Boss (Part 2 of 3)

free organic Facebook Marketing

Free Facebook Marketing What’s up? It’s Nick again, back for a step number two for loan officer marketing on Facebook, and we’re showing you three organic strategies in getting free Facebook marketing. How you can grow your connections, how you can, build a bigger mortgage marketing or mortgage business rather inside of Facebook using these […]

FREE Organic Loan Officer Marketing on Facebook (Part 1 of 3)

free organic facebook marketing

What’s up loan officers! If you’ve been wondering how to do free organic Facebook marketing about loans then this is the content for you. My name is Nick carpenter from the Legion of loan officers. We’re about to go through a three part series. And we’re going to show you exactly how to increase your […]