All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick, wanted to provide a little value today for everybody here in the realtor lead gen tips group and show you how you can market your database on Facebook. This Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook is used because it’s a cool way that you can stay in front of your database on a regular basis and not have to spend money to send out mailers or whatever things, right or make a phone calls, constantly.

This is a way that you can stay in front of them and stay top of mind. And just do one thing, one time. All right.

Steps on Starting Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook

1. Get your database

So what you have to do is, the first thing is, get your database wherever that’s at. In this case, I’m going to show you a little hack on LinkedIn, how you can export your contacts on LinkedIn.

a. export contacts (ex. Linkedin)

You just go to And you can export that file right there. Okay. Now, once you have this file, you need to take out everything. Delete the columns. Everything except for the email address. All right. I can even take that one out and now, you know, you can see they’re actually there. So now what I can do is save this.

b. go to Facebook ads manager

All right. So once you have your database saved, you just go into your Facebook ads manager. Okay. And right there, under tools, you can go to audiences and you just click on, create an audience, and you’re going to click on custom audience and you’re going to do it from a customer list where it says right here, match emails or phone numbers.

c. upload a file

So the next thing you do is upload a file, right? Say, okay. Yeah, I got the emails and click upload file. If your saved file cannot be found or read, in this case, instead of a CSV, I’m going to try to do it as like a text file or something like that. So I just had to make it a TXT file.

d. create audience

So now you hit create audience. And what it’s going to do is it’s going to upload those people and it’s going to, you know, basically tell you if the audience is ready. Okay. So if I click here and I just kind of refresh the page, it showed me that I got 800 people out of 1100, it connected with 800 of them.

e. create an ad

So now if I wanted to, I just click on, create an ad. And do my boost, posts, whatever. And I’ll show you in the audience. So on the custom audience, there’s my audience, right? They’re the 800 people.

All right. So pretty cool how easily Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook can be done. So you can do that with your database and market them. You could run video ads or whatever you want to send to your database. Right? Anything that you’re mailing. Now you could basically do the same thing, but for like, you know, one or 2 cents a piece on Facebook, instead of having to mail something that costs 50 cents a dollar or more, you can do that for one or 2 cents on Facebook.

So hopefully that helps you out. Let me know if you have questions.

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