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So that’s where we’re at right now in Quarantine Marketing. That’s where the first six ideas again, go back, watch those videos. Um, Well, we’re going to press forward into video number three. Okay. So today number one, uh, I guess really number seven on our list here is systems. Now there’s really a few different kinds of systems that people need to have in place.

And if you’re sitting at your house and you’re having to hang out with your kids and that kind of stuff, if you need to just be like working. Maybe there’s some things that you could be working on your business if you’re not working in your business as much. Right. This second, I still get that.

Obviously people are crazy busy, but if you have time right now, because of the fact that you’re having to be forced into your house and that you have some time work on your systems. So what systems should you be working on? Well, I’ll give you three different examples of ones that I think you should work on right now and having, and get in place. If you don’t already have them in place,

1. Marketing System

Number one system would be marketing. So obviously you need to have some kind of marketing system. In our case, we’ve been sharing all kinds of different things here, but you know, something with marketing, right?

This can be like lead generation. And this is how are you growing your business on a daily basis, or on a consistent basis. And how, do you have any systems in place for that? Does it always require you to be involved in order to keep the ship moving forward? or do you have any kind of system in place that can be generating leads and doing that kind of stuff?

I got a listing from a realtor here in Denver or he’s in Parker or something like that, like kind of Southeast Denver. And I got a listing from him and I ran an ad with it yesterday. Now I was just trying to generate name, phone number.

I wasn’t looking for what’s the highest quality leads I can generate. I was more looking for quantity and someone’s going for name or a phone number, but you can see the screenshot I put up, it ended up costing me like 32 cents a lead or something like that. You can have systems in place the same way.

So I have systems where, that’ll generate the lead. The lead goes into an automation, using KLT CRM and then from the automation. That’s converting into appointments, into conversations and that kind of thing. So if you don’t have a system in place today for your marketing, think about that.

What can you put in place right now? What can you put in place so that even in these times of lockdowns or whatever, right? If you have great systems in place, oftentimes it’s not that effective. You can tell that people are still interested in real estate because in the last 24 hours, like I said, I generated 21 home buyer leads in Denver for like $20 or something.

I think it was like, way less than that. Cause it was like $6 or something. I don’t know, like six bucks. I think I spent to generate 20, 21 leads in the last 24 hours. So what kind of marketing system do you have in place today?

2. Database System

The next thing is you need to have some kind of database system in your marketing.

Do you have a database system in place? What are you doing to stay in touch with the people who already know? I can trust you if you don’t have a system today, welcome back, like, I think you should just send them once a week. Emails, Thursday afternoons, people are chilling.

They’re already thinking about the weekends. You have their attention. So write them an email every Thursday afternoon, and it doesn’t have to always be around mortgage or real estate or whatever it is that you do. It’s really should be more about you and what you have going on. Talking about personal stories, client stories, client testimonials, things that you find online that, you think are shareable and are worthy of other people paying attention to.

So it’s these kinds of things that really are more impactful than trying to demonstrate your knowledge and your expertise inside of the emails. It’s more about creating connection and owning some space within their minds. And then on top of. You know that weekly email having a retargeting system in marketing, right?

And having some sort of videos that are staying in front of your database and the people that have already shown interest in what you have going on on your business page through just really cheap, in our case, we call it the Cerberus guard dog method, and it costs $3 a day. And it keeps you in front of your entire database and anybody who’s shown interest.

So what can you be doing right now? If you have some time, what can you do to be working on your database? Well, You could schedule out emails. So I’m not a huge fan of using whatever the canned stuff is, but you could go and pre-write emails out maybe for the next couple of months. Maybe you get enough emails right now.

And in a couple of hours you can write out a one quarters worth of emails, because there’s only 12 emails per quarter. So it’s not a huge amount. You only need to write about one email per day in terms of just staying in touch with people. And then having that retargeting thing in place. Think about that.

Could you take a little bit of time tomorrow or next week? And could you get all your emails in place so that you have a database system. One that is going to be consistently going out because where people lose, everybody recognizes that the database is important. I’m sure you do as well, But what they do is they try to do it in real time. Like, I’m just going to write the emails every week and send it to them in real time. And it never works. You get behind you miss a week. Now you feel bad. You miss the next week and you feel worse. Now, all of a sudden you just stopped doing it.

And then before, you know it, you realize that a month or six weeks has passed and your database has not heard from you by email. So that’s why it’s way more effective if you can have some things prescheduled.

Ideally it’s something that you’ve written, so it feels really personal. It’s in your lingo, your dialect, all the kind of ways that you talk. I appreciate that. So do you work on your database, right? They’re out there. The database is really the gold mine, the thing that you’ve worked so hard to create. So make sure that you’re doing something to keep yourself in front of them and continue to build that relationship.

Don’t just let those people fall away because you’re focused on getting new business and new leads. So make sure you have some kind of system in place for your database.

3. Live Events System

All right. And lastly is for, in terms of having systems in place, are you doing live events for marketing. And what kind of events are you doing now?

Obviously I totally understand that right now. It’s kind of a weird time. I spent two hours this morning, a little over two hours doing a live training for realtors in Denver. And normally we would have done that in person. And for sure, it’s not the same as doing it in person is definitely, way more valuable doing the training in person than doing it online.

But right now we just have to adapt a little bit, but in general, as a general statement, what are you doing for live events? So real quick question, when is the last time you held a live event, whether that was a training or a database event, or what’s the last time that you hosted a party or some type of event for anybody?

So in terms of events, depending on if you’re a loan officer or a realtor, you know, what exactly your role is, you want to have some different types of events in marketing, right? You want to be having, in my case, if you’re a loan officer, I think you should be doing at least once a month, live events for real estate agents, where you’re teaching and helping and training them, not teaching them about new mortgage products, but you’re teaching them stuff.

That’s going to be impactful to their own personal business. You know how to do Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, Google marketing, SEO, online reviews, any of these kinds of things where somebody can come to your training, implemented in their business and go out and get more business and bring that back to you.

And that’s never going to happen just from teaching them. About the new VA loan updates, you just do that yourself. And LOD panel we did, that was awesome. You have, for sure it was cool seeing you guys on there. So what can you do with live events? So with realtors you should be doing maybe once a week live events for real estate agents, but then for your database, You need to be doing live events for your database.

Depending on how often you’re doing that, which based on the lack of comments and response, when I asked that question, I’m assuming that in general, you’re not, you don’t even know the last time that you did a live event. So then maybe you think about that. Is how it, when is the next time you complain one?

Now again, I get that right now it’s kind of whack. So maybe be planning one for the fall. Start working on it now and have an event that you’re planning out with like in September. That’s what we had to move our event that was happening in March. We had to move it to September.

So maybe think about that. Maybe you need to go out three or four months, five months, six months in order to start planning events out that way. But what could you do, in order to do a live event for your database and just get in front of them? One really simple idea. It actually comes from the loan officer.

What Live Events you can do (for marketing purposes)

Movie Night

Strategy guide is doing a movie night. It’s the easiest database event that you can do. Go to your local movie theater. See when they’re going to have a show, rent one theater out for that night and get a package deal where they’re going to include the movie, a popcorn and a soda for each person that comes and invite all your database there.

Ideally has some kind of like golden ticket, almost like Willy Wonka style tickets to invite people. If you can splurge it, get a background, set up with a step and repeat banner. Get people to stand in front of there, have a photographer there, take pictures, post all those pictures on your Facebook business page, and people can tag themselves on all those photos.

And any ways, the people that I know that run these movie events 100% of the time they run the movie event it’s profitable before the event ever starts. Meaning that just based on the fact that they’re inviting people to the event, they’re getting business off just the invitations. So it’s always a breakeven event, 100% of the time. I’ve never heard of one person tell me I ran the movie night and it ended up costing me money because everybody says, yeah, it cost some money, but they got it back before the event ever happened because of the fact that, that event just kills really, really well.

So events. Right. Just think about that. And again, it’s not that you have to be smashing out a ton of events right now in this wacky time, but just to be prepared, right? What events can you have set now? For August or September, what can you have set for November? What can you got set for March next year?

Easter Egg Hunt and Trampoline Park

These kinds of things, and where you planning out and you just know that in this in quarter one, I do a movie event in quarter two. I do a trampoline park in quarter three. We do a, you know, or do an Easter egg hunt in quarter two quarter three trampoline park. Right? However you do your, your things quarter four, um, could be, could be like a.

Uh, pie, pumpkin carving event, you know, that kind of thing. Right? So we’ll be looking at events, look at your systems and see, I mean, right now it’s just a great time. If you’re, if you’re having to take some downtime and I get, not everybody is came in. If you’re being forced into taking some downtime or you can’t work at the same capacity in your office, it’s a time that you can look at your own personal marketing.

And how can you be able to put some of this in place for yourself? Okay. So that’s number seven is your systems.

Zoom/Be Live

Number eight is we’re talking about like things like zoom and be live. So obviously in this case right now, I’m just coming live on Facebook but we use zoom and we use be live for marketing.

Both of those things. I did an online summit. I did a virtual summit on Monday this week and we used be live for that virtual summit. So it’s pretty simple software to run, it has a free version and a paid version. So the paid version of be live is 24.99 a month, something like that, or $29 a month.

And you can use that to be able to go live on Facebook, go live on your page, go live in your group. If you have a group, you could be using this kind of content. Also. What’s cool about zoom and be live is both of those they record your video so you can have it set to where it records and then you can drop that recording other places or chop the recording up and do different things with it.

So once you create this, you know, if you’re going live on Facebook or you’re using it. Zoom/be live to project yourself out to either on Facebook or on your business page or inside of a group or whatever, but zoom and be live, they’re awesome ways that you can be able to at least get like this on video people.

You can bring people into a group. I saw a lady that I know in San Diego, um, Glenda Meyer, she hosted a really cool happy hour. So I think it was on Wednesday. Maybe it was yesterday. I think it might’ve been last night and she just used the zoom sent out the link to all her friends. And they all got on there and they were just like all drinking together on the zoom.

So that’s pretty cool. I mean, there’s different ways, right? I’m just right now, again, we talked about it on Tuesday is creating some connections. Everybody’s people are going to be craving connections as they’re forced to stay in their house. They’re used to being in an office or are used to being out in public where they’re getting other adult human interaction and they’re going to be craving that.

So how can you use zoom and be live and that kind of thing to be creating that now. You can, both of those things you can bring in people, you can go live on Facebook or on Instagram, if you have, depending on what account level you have. Right. But a B live is cool for that because especially if you’re a realtor or a loan officer, you probably have a local, some kind of local group already.

So you could even be going live in the vocal group. And, you could go live with other local business owners. Here’s an example. Say you have a local group, you’re a realtor with a local group. Posted in the group and say, tag, a restaurant owner, who’s still open for, to go orders or a delivery and bring, and then message those people and bring them on a live.

And you guys all just chat it up about, you know, what’s still available for customers, how’s it impacting their business, you know, this kind of stuff. Right? So it’s like, there’s a lot of ways to be creating community. And today, since you can’t do it in person, zoom and be live are both really good resources to be able to do that.

In an online world and then also be able to broadcast it live if you want to onto your Facebook or onto your Instagram profile. So what we’re doing with those right there, are you some ideas right here that I wrote over here? I think I pretty much covered them all anyways. So you can either be training or teaching something kind of like what I’m doing right now.

Teaching and Training

I’m just providing some value, creating some content and so you could do that as well. You could be training to be teaching. Maybe use it as some way to demonstrate other pieces of your personality. So if you watched the video from yesterday, we talked about how to create, um, six things that you’re known for or known as, and because oftentimes people don’t know what they’re talking about online.

Like let’s say you’re really funny or you’re really cool in person, but you don’t know how to translate that into an online environment. So you could be using zoom or be live, to demonstrate some of those other things. So like we talked about where even Facebook live like this. You’re a great chef, or you love to cook, set your phone up on the tripod and go live and talk to people while they’re cooking.

Let them ask you questions, have some things that you want to talk about and just, it’s just a way to demonstrate a few of your different personality pieces, right? In terms of your real estate knowledge and that kind of thing, but then also mixing it in with your cooking and with things that you like to do outside of just how you make money.

Think about that teaching or training, and then also demonstrating other pieces of your personality. And then the last way is, like I said, with Glenda, how she used it for the, for hosting an online happy hour. So she got shared out the link with all her friends, everybody jumped in, they were able to just to kind of hang out, fake, cheers, you know, this kind of stuff.

And I’m sure it was like an awesome time and something that her friends would remember. Remember that time we did the virtual happy hour, uh, when we were all on lockdown, you know? And so you can be creating some of that for yourself as well. So zoom and be live definitely great resources and also Facebook live like I am right now.

Getting more Juice

What I’m going to share to you today is how to get more juice from your mortgage marketing. So what does that really mean? It’s like, how can you get more out of what you’re already doing? Okay. So how can you get more juice from your mortgage marketing?

Juice from your Mortgage Marketing – Network

So number one is to look at your network and figure out maybe there’s some people that you could be creating tighter relationships with within your network. Okay. A lot of times people aren’t looking like, always looking for new going out, how can, you know, how can we go get more and more and more, new, new, new, what it’s about is just actually increasing what you already have going on around you.

Show can you look at your network? Right? How can you look at your own network and get more, you know, and get more, um, get more deals, get more partnerships, you know, what can you do to within your own network to be strengthening those relationships? Right. Strengthening them and tightening them up today, making sure that you’re not disappearing.

Okay. People are going to go into this quarantine or whatever’s going on now. And then some people are going to disappear and you want to make sure that you’re not one of those people that are disappearing. You want to be out there. Wanting to still be, in the mix, right? You want to still be having actual in your profile, bringing content, just making sure that you’re not disappearing.

So what can you do within your own network to go out? Maybe either reconnect with people that you haven’t connected with in a while, or just have a reach out on a phone call. Well, what can you do with your own network to strengthen in your relationships that you have there?


Number two on getting more juice from your mortgage marketing is how can you co-brand?

So a lot of people right now, they’re looking for more business. They’re looking for ways to get more exposure. So how can you offer that either through co-branding from, people that you can bring up or look around. People that are serving the same customers as you, but they’re not direct competitors.

So as a realtor, co-branding for realtor could look like tons of people, right? You have people from interior designers, home painters, home stagers in landscapers, pool people, home inspectors, and roofing companies. There’s all these people that realtors are kind of associated with, but you’re not direct competitors.

So how can you be looking to co-brand with some of those people? What can you do to create some co-create content right now, if you have some value to bring to their network, could you guys create some video together and let them push that video out to their own, to their network?

What can you do to look at everybody has their own individual personal sphere. So how can you benefit from those other spheres that are existing today and get out there a little bit more,. So it’s not that you have to go and put a whole bunch of money into the market in order to find these, this all right here is for free. This is just looking at who’s already around you. And how could you leverage existing relationships.


The last one is ambassadors.

So ambassadors to me is somebody different than what you would co-brand with. And ambassador is somebody in your network that has a lot of pull. They have weight, they have their own sphere of influence. They’re well-known. An ambassador could be somebody like a CEO of a company or somebody that runs HR.

For a large company, an ambassador could be somebody who is well known within your local community, somebody on the city council, the mayor, somebody within the police department. These are all different potential ambassadors. So how could you be looking around for again, within your own existing network of people that maybe you don’t have a good relationship with them and you need to create one.

They could be a huge referral source for you. Oftentimes an ambassador doesn’t necessarily have anything to gain back from their referrals. They do it because of the relationship that you have with them. Now, the best example is somebody that owns their own company or runs HR for a company.

They’re going to have a lot of opportunities to hear about people that may want to buy a house or they’re going to be in that circle of information and because they’re your ambassador, they could be sending all that business over to you. They can be recommending you for that business.

So look around, go through your own Facebook friends list, go through your own Instagram connections and this kind of thing, your LinkedIn connections, and look who do you know, that’s not associated at all with the real estate industry, but that they could be a huge referral source for you. And what could you do to reach out to them and provide value or create a better relationship with that person so that when the time comes, hopefully frequently for them to be referring somebody for real estate needs, you’re the person that they’re going to think about or for mortgage needs, you know, you’re the person that they’re going to think about.

So be looking around for ambassadors. I mean, right now, all of this right here is completely for free. a lot of times people are nervous about money today. Because they don’t know what’s going to happen over the next couple of weeks and everything is going to solve itself out and everything is going to be just fine.

Getting more JUICE from your Mortgage Marketing

And this right here is going to allow you to go out and organically, create a bigger, stronger, better network of people around you and having you inserted into other spheres of influence by co-branding with people. And then also, how can you again, look at creating ambassadors, do an audit of your own business and see work.

Do you have ambassadors in your business today? Who are those people? Right? What are their common characteristics of the ambassadors that are referring you more than three to five deals a year? And maybe if you have amazing ambassadors, that number is higher for you, right? Maybe that number is an ambassador to you as somebody that’s referring to at least six deals per year or whatever the number is.

Right. I would think in general, if you look around at how many referrals you get per person that, you know, Somebody that’s referring over three or five deals a year is probably a pretty significant amount. So, but, but that number could be small, right? If you go and find the right, if you go to find the right ambassador.


Okay. So that’s what it’s about today on marketing, basically today’s tips were number seven was work on your systems, right? So now, amazing time right now, if you have some downtime, so improve and work on your business, as opposed to in your business. And, um, number eight is using zoom and be live and Facebook lives and these kind of things where you can still be on video.

You can still be connecting with people. Using it to provide training or value and also looking at how you can just use it to connect with your friends. They’re all stuck in the house, just like you are assuming you’re stuck in the house. Like we are then how can you use it to have your own happy hour or smoke break or whatever things that you want to have with you just have some fun, create some human connection because often people are going to be craving that right now, if they’re not able to go to their office, they’re not able to go out and do the normal things that they can go to restaurants and bars.

These different places that at least locally for us, they’re all completely shut down right now, aside from takeout and also with the zoom and be live. How can you create value for anybody locally, if you have your own local group or even within your own profile, how can you bring some local restaurant owners on and let them tell that there can still serve people in this kind of stuff?

You know, how can you be out here? Just looking around, you know, just, um, we can all lift each other up a bit, right? And if you have a network and you have some. Some pool within your own group of people, then look around for how you can do that. Who can you bring on? Who can you look to, to lift up locally in your own market?

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