What’s happening. What’s happening. Welcome to quarantine marketing part one. We’re going to show you how you can keep winning. I’ve got 10 different ideas. I’m going to bring to you this week in case you’re on lockdown, or you get put on lockdown, you can come and reference to these ideas and how to keep winning, even when you’re stuck in the house with not quiet kids.

And I’ll tell you what, anybody who leaves a comment, leave a question. Somebody’s going to get, I’m going to pick one person to pick a, to win one. Book pack. All right. So you’re going to get the loan officer’s strategy guide and you’re going to get the nine figure blueprint. All right. So if you do that, Glenda you’re locked down.

But yeah, our mayor just told us that he wants us to basically go on a self, um, stay local to our Vada, you know, without them having to tell us to do it officially, he’s asking us to voluntarily. Stay local, stay local to our Montas was kind of interesting. Right? So James, so yeah. So what am I doing today?

I’ve got three different ideas today. I’ll come back tomorrow, share a couple more ideas. And like I said, leave a comment, leave a question. I’m going to pick one person to win, uh, to win the book pack. All right. So strategy number one is, is people right now they’re creating connection. Okay.

1. Connection

Firstly, people right now they’re creating connection. So number one is connection. How can you create, you know, how can you create connection? When people right now, well, because the thing is like, most people, they’re used to being in their office. They are used to being around people a lot. They’re used to going around, wherever they’ve been, wherever I’ve been doing. and then now obviously that’s not occurring, right? They are not getting those, that one-on-one connection, that human to human connection. So what you need to do is you need to make sure that you’re proactively creating connection and some of that with your network.

creating connection

How can you create that connection?

A. Video Messages (Facebook)

All right. So look, it’s real easy. Facebook, you can just type in birthdays at the top. It’ll take you to the upcoming birthday shortcut and you can see whose birthday is today.

Today, I had 10 birthday, 10 friends that had their birthday. So what I did, (and this comes out of the loan officer strategy guide) This is strategy number eight inside of this guide right here. It’s the Facebook birthday video so that’s one way you can create a connection is when you see whose birthday it is, open up messenger and go into messenger and shoot them a personal video.

So I can say, “What’s up, Zach.” (I see him live. So I can say,) “Hey Zach, happy birthday! Man, I hope your day is amazing. I hope everybody’s treating you awesome. And you’re getting everything you want out of it. Have a great day, man.” And that’s just, when you, say their name, that people look, you know, what’s everybody’s favorite word, right?

Everybody’s favorite word is their own name. So if you can do that, when you see that it’s their birthday, you leave a video for them and say their name again, this is not published on their wall, and you’re not clogging up their timeline and all that. Therefore Send this as a messenger message.

Creating connection using one’s name

And say their name in the video, create that moment of connection for them. All right. It’s also going to help spike your relationship inside of Facebook. It’s going to affect the edge rank because the fact that you’re messaging with those people or whoever that is. Those are the 10 people I message today.

Now Facebook, well assuming, I have a tighter relationship with all those people because we’re messaging. Now they have a more likely chance that they’re going to see my posts on Facebook and this kind of thing. (And like Glenda said, they always respond back to the video. And oftentimes they’ll tell you, man, you’re the only person that did this. Right.?)

Especially if they don’t have that many Facebook friends, obviously for a lot of loan officers, realtors, we have a lot of friends but for most people they have less than a thousand. So in those cases, it’s way more likely that if you’re willing to get on video, shoot them a video, you just create that moment from creating connection.

Atleast create that moment of connection.

B. Phone Calls

Next about creating connection is that you’re gonna be doing phone calls. A lot of times we can leverage these kinds of like one to many platforms, emails and text messages and all this kind of stuff. But ultimately that one-on-one connection is what people are going to be craving.

When Especially we people are on lockdown, right? They’re going to need that. They might be stuck in their house. They’re stuck with their kids and not used to that. They need adult connection. So by you just reaching out, it doesn’t have to be some kind of schedule call, just reach out.

Phone calls are a great moment of connection. It’s a one-on-one connection and again, that’s what people are going to be craving right now in kind of what’s happening in this moment.

C. Voice Messages

The other thing is you can at least send voice messages.

So maybe, I went to an event and I learned that communication and again, maybe this is right or not. I don’t know, but what they said at the event was that communication is only 7% written words, it’s 38% tonality and voice and it’s a 55% body language and non-verbal communication.

Therefore if you’re not willing to get on video or you don’t want to send video messages, at least consider sending a voice message. At least somebody can hear your voice. Voice messages are getting more popular. Now, again, it doesn’t have to be like some three minute dissertation. All it has to be is as short as 15 second check-in.

You can send a voice message like, “Hey, what’s up Angela. Hope you’re doing awesome. Hey, look, if you’re stuck in the house, let me know if there’s something that I can help you do, or if you need, you know, just want to chat or just want to spit ball some ideas, we can jump on a zoom or jump on a Facebook, you know, a live Facebook chat and talk to each other” And so you can still be creating connection from those moments, even if you’re not going to have them. inside your office, if you’re stuck in your house or whatever.

2. Attention

Secondly we’re going to go into attention. So right now, people, they’re in their house, they’re stuck. And ultimately, what are a lot of people going to be doing? They’re going to be on Facebook, just like you are on Facebook right now.

And people are just going to be more on Facebook. Like, I would say that people are in quarantine, right? Their screen time is going to go way up because they’re going to be on Facebook more often. They’re just going to be like maybe goofing off more than they would if they were in their house, I guess maybe a better way to say it.

If they were in their office, you now, they might be like way more work focused. But if they’re at home, maybe they’re not going to be as focused on work. So you’re going to have more attention on Facebook.

Leverage Attention on Quarantine Marketing

A. Go Live

Number one, you could go live on Facebook and you could talk to people. You can create value for your network.

So think about that. What value can you create? Maybe you go look up some blog posts about “10 ways to entertain your kids in a snow storm” or something. Look for creative ways to do stuff with people when you’re at your house and you’re stuck. People aren’t used to that, especially people that don’t homeschool.

We homeschool my son. So it’s not as big of a deal for us when he’s here all the time. But, if you’re not used to that and you have the kids in the house to look for some ideas, you could be sharing, bring that out with people. You can be creating value. Definitely go live on the personal page unless you want to run it as an ad.

If you want to run it as an ad, then go live on your business page, otherwise personal page, for sure. So Facebook lives will be number one, give people ideas, coming here to share some stories, right? There’s different ways that you can leverage the lives, but you know, people want to see this kind of stuff.

They’re on Facebook. They’re going to be on Facebook more often. Than they normally are when they’re at their office. If they’re on quarantine. If they’re on some sort of a lockdown, consider going live and doing, FAQ’s telling, these kinds of things, you know, just leveraging that attention for quarantine marketing.

B. Tell Stories

Number two is tell some stories and use this as one quarantine marketing idea. Everybody loves to hear stories. And this kind of, blends in with the next idea I’m going to give you, but, the stories. Everybody loves to hear a story, and especially if you can give some sort of, at the end, you have some kind of tie down where it actually matters.

You know, why did they listen to your story? You don’t want to just waste somebody’s time telling us the story that you love to tell, but it needs to have some sort of tie in at the end, you need to have a reason why telling that story. And you’re not just simply wasting their time.

C. Ask Engaging Questions

Number Three on attention is that you want to basically, like you can ask engaging questions. So again, people are on Facebook. They want to be engaging. They want to be talking to different people. So you can be creating that conversation on your profile.

Kind of on your TV channel. Lot of ways. I think about the Facebook profiles, like a TV channel, you know, people are coming over and they’re scrolling through the networks or whatever you get them on your channel. So be asking some questions. It also moves your profile up, It trends your profile when you have everybody who’s engaging with your profile.

So it tells Facebook you’re popular. Then if you come later and talk about your business, more people are seeing that. Like inside of the Legion of loan officers, we call that the edge rank Slingshot, if you like these kinds of concepts, the stuff I’m talking about now, you should check out oneagentaway.com and see exactly how we’re doing this kind of stuff inside of the Legion.

3. Entertainment

Lastly is entertainment. So right now people forget this.

But at the end of the day, the reason that people are even on Facebook in general, are you going on social media? I mean, of course there are, people will say like ought to keep in touch with my kids or my family or whatever, but at the end of the day, they’re really there to be entertained.

And if you can be entertaining then by creating entertaining content and by being part of the value that they’re there for, then you also earn the right to talk about your business or insert a commercial. So by creating all this content, now you get a chance to talk about your business.

A lot of times people say, “Oh, I don’t, you know, I don’t want to talk about my business”. And it’s like, the only reason you don’t is because, you know, you haven’t created any value. You’re not being part of the entertainment. And the reason that people are really on Facebook, but once you’re a part of that and you’re creating content that’s out there.

It’s like a TV network, if you go to a TV show, if you go to a TV channel and literally all they have is commercials you’re out of there. But if they have like super funny show, or right now, like I’m watching this, the Dexter series on Netflix.

And if Dexter had commercials still on Netflix, I would still watch the commercials, because that show, that show is earning the right to show me commercials because it’s so great. And I’m going to stick around for it. So you want to do that on your profile. How do you get people to stick around for your commercials while being a part of the entertainment?

Creating value Entertainment

A. Memes

So exactly, you want to be part of the entertainment. So how can you do that? Number one is you could be creating memes. You can either go find memes, you could be sharing meme that somebody else creates, or obviously in the end of the day, I think you should be creating your own memes.

And sometimes you’re going to have winners, right? Look at that. If you look back on my profile at that apples and oranges meme, you know, it got like 60 something shares, but outside of the shares, it got tons of people that just copied and pasted it, or took a screenshot or this kind of stuff.

But then, also it inspired other people to go create their own version of that exact meme. AME came out with a version of it. Fairway mortgage came out with a version of it. Like you can be, out there at the same time, creating value, creating fun entertainment, then you get the right to talk about your business.

So appreciate it, bill and so-so memes, I think memes is a super great and obviously some people say, I don’t understand how that’s valuable to my business. It’s valuable because you get the attention. Once you have the attention, then you’ve earned, you can earn the right to talk about your business.

Or have some sort of a commercial built in. So. But until you have their attention, it’s difficult to get somebody to watch your commercial or care about your commercial, if you haven’t even got their attention yet. If you want to create memes, I personally use Picsart. so it’s an app.

So what I do is I just look like, for example, if I’m on Instagram, I follow a few meme accounts and there’s a tons of meme accounts out there where you can get into different Reddit. If you really want to get ahead, you know, Reddit is where memes come first. But I just find them on Instagram.

A lot of times I’m like, what I would call trendsetter accounts. And then I copy, I just take a screenshot on my phone. I go into Picsart and then I edit it completely. On Picsart, I just, chop it down into a square and put a white box on the top, add my text, add my watermarks on top of the photo.

And I try to add them into where it’s not super obvious and annoying. Where the meme comes with my watermark. It’s just built in so that if people share it, if people copy and paste it’s there. Like that ugly orange apples thing that I made, super ugly. But look, how many, like a hundred people posted it the same day that I did, right?

Because people don’t want to have to create their own content. So if you can be out here creating content, especially this, like locally relevant.

So a lot of times when I’m making memes, I make like four to six, eight memes at a time with the same picture, because you just never know which one is going to hit. And I’ll just kind of like toss him around and think about it and try to figure it out, which ones I’m going to share. So, memess, definitely is a great way to entertain people. Everybody loves memes today it’s just kind of part of the culture today.

B. Tell Funny Stories

So number two is to tell funny stories. Everybody likes to hear funny stories.

I’m going to give you an example, Susan Marshawn, if you’re not connected with her, go look at her profile. She’s a loan officer, I think out of Wisconsin. And she is hilarious on video telling stories. Amazing. Right? It reminds me of the Chewbacca lady, how just like vulnerable. She was with her laughter and stuff.

That’s Susan on video. If you check her out, if you can tell funny stories on video, if you’re willing to get on camera and tell funny stories like, you guys are not even going to believe this thing that happened. And you just get your emotions, allow your emotions to be into it, especially if you’re a man and you’re not stoic.

And you’re like, a veteran that have been to war or whatever kind of stuff. You still got to be willing to like, let those masks off. And if you’re going to put yourself out there, that’s how you have to do it. You have to be willing to really get into the story and be funny.

Get into the details and really be there to entertain people. I mean, that’s, what if you’re going to tell a story, then you got to go all in on the story. Don’t waste, somebody’s time with some, whack story. You got to, man, I want to laugh. I want to laugh with you, right?

C. Bring Guests

So number three is bringing on guests. You might not be that funny or you might not feel you’re that hilarious, but maybe you have a friend that you always crack up with, right? You guys are always laughing and you know, people want to laugh with you, right?

It’s a moment of connection, laughing, crying, eating, smoking, some pot, having a drink, right? These are all moments of connection you can create. And since we’re on lock down, some of those are out so we can use what we can. So if you don’t feel like you want to be the entertainment, then bring the entertainment and go find some guests, find somebody that your audience, your connections, which fuck feel valuable.

And, you have to decide who that is. I don’t know who that is for you. It may be somebody depending on your industry, maybe it’s somebody else within your industry. If you’re connected to a lot of industry people, maybe it’s somebody from your local market.

Maybe it’s somebody locally like the Mayor. Think about who locally would be valuable to your people, and then you can bring on a guest. So it’s really simple. At this point, you can do it a few different ways. On Facebook, you can just go live. You can turn, you have to turn the phone sideways, just like I am right now.

And it will allow you to bring on a guest. Okay. So that’s a really easy way to do it. And then there’s some other tools that are out there. Going live and just bringing on a guest or even prerecording, and then dropping the video, with the guest later. But using this you can leverage other people.

If you, you probably have a thousand or more connections today, I mean, most people say on Facebook have around 1300 or something, I think. And for most realtors and loan officers, you’re probably more in the three to 5,000 range. And so leverage those connections. Who do you have that you can go out and say, “Hey man, let’s jump on and do a Facebook live for 10 minutes.”

You’re not asking for somebody’s entire day, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. It’s all you need. I don’t even know how long we’ve been on here right now. Maybe it feels like we’ve probably been live for maybe around 15 minutes, 20 minutes, it doesn’t have to be that crazy that long.

Overcoming Lockdown

So connection, people are going to be craving connection, while on lockdown, especially if they’re in their house with their kids. They’re not used to being there. They’re used to being around other humans, other, not humans, other adults, and having adult conversations. So look at how can you do that? How can you create moments of connection with your network through phone calls?

Facebook messages, Facebook video messages through voice messages, that kind of stuff. Also, you’re going to have tons of attention. People are going to be more on Facebook than they are normally because of the fact that they’re locked down at their house. So how can you leverage that attention?

By going live on Facebook, providing value, telling funny stories, just creating value, and just know that you’re going to know that attention is going to be there. Asking engaging questions, so you can just be part of the conversation. As people are coming to Facebook, you’re there, you’re in the mix.

People are like, “Oh cool. Nick’s at the barbecue”. And then obviously be entertaining. Tell funny stories. Look for memes that you can create that irrelevant, memes for your market, your network. Whether that’s a mortgage main real estate means I think local memes would kill, right? Because you can, nobody’s not going to be.

People are creating local memes where it’s relevant to your neighborhood or your little town, and you can say something super relevant.

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