There are a lot of similarities between dating and our world of attracting Realtor partners which is why having pickup artist skills for loan officers is helpful. It makes sense since the mortgage profession is majority male and the real estate world is majority female.

Pickup Artist Skills For Loan Officers

Many people, especially women, are not familiar with the idea of Pickup Artists. Truth is, the industry got a bad wrap because of the slimy guys collecting panties. They teach some very helpful skills though if you are a man with no game or skills at approaching and talking to women.

The term Pickup Artist gained some popularity from the VH1 show called The Pickup Artist that aired in 2007. It was hosted and led by a guy named Mystery.

At least for me, this is when my interest was peaked by this concept.

Today there are pickup artist skills for loan officers to use and attract great Realtor partners.

Here’s one example:

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