Omnipresence on Facebook, how can you be omnipresent on the paid side?

So now let’s talk about being omnipresent on the paid side (Omnipresence on facebook). Real simple process that I have. I call it the Cerberus guard-dog method. Cerberus, if you don’t know who Cerberus was, he was Hades pet, he guarded the Gates of hell. And when somebody would be banished to hell or maybe today still, who knows, right? Somebody is banished to hell, Cerberus is there to make sure they can never escape.

Now the reason that I like using Cerberus as a method is because, once people get caught into this process, once people show interest in what you’re doing, they’ve already demonstrated that they know “I can trust you” on some level. Then now we can always stay in front of them.

First thing that you have to do, if you want to put Cerberus in place, and maybe it’d be awesome if you could write down the five audiences, ’cause obviously it’ll probably be backwards on this five audiences that you’re going to want to create.

Five Audiences on having omnipresence on Facebook

A.) Database

So basically one of the audiences you need to create to be having omnipresence on facebook. Number one, it should be your database. We all have a database of people that, you already know you on some level, right? Whether it’s past clients, friends, families, referrals, partners, past leads, this kind of stuff. First is you want to take that database and we’re going to make an audience from that. Now what I’m talking about is basically creating these audiences inside of a Facebook ads manager, these are going to be audiences that we’re building for Facebook and for Instagram, so that we can be able to stay in front of people when they’re in those spaces. Okay, create one for your database. It’s real simple.

Go into the ads manager, you can probably even Google like Facebook custom audiences. If you’re not a hundred percent sure how to do it, you can see how to do it there. And you can upload your database into Facebook as an audience so that people who already know “I can trust you”. Now, they’re going to be an audience that we can run ads to specifically. We can choose them.

B.) Video Views

Number two on having omnipresence on facebook is video views. So if you’re running videos on Facebook and on your business page, specifically where the video is being uploaded to the business page, not to your personal profile, Facebook is tracking all those views, they know exactly who seen the video and how much of the video they’ve seen. So you can create audiences based off of people that watched as little as three seconds of the video and as much as 95% of the video. You can make that audience right there.

C.) Engagement

Number three on having omnipresence on facebook is engagement. So you can make it for people who engage with your pages and preset your chats for writing the things down there. Anybody who’s engaged with your page, right? If you’re running ads or you’re putting content on your business page now. Anybody who has liked, commented, shared, clicked anything around on your page, they’re going to be caught in this engagement audience.

D.) Form Fills

The next one on having omnipresence on facebook is going to be form fills.

So this one here is only gonna really be applicable if you’re running Facebook ads. If you’re running Facebook ads and you’re running them specifically using the Facebook lead forms that they have built in, then Facebook is tracking all that right information. They know who has clicked at the form and know who has opened the form. Also, They know who’s submitted the form, who hasn’t submitted the form, and all that data is available inside the custom audiences. You can’t see it then you can just create the audiences. Knowing that Facebook is putting the right people in there. So, normally when you want to have your database, you want to have people who are watching your videos, people who are engaging with your page, and people who filled out your forms.

E.) Website

The last one on having omnipresence on facebook that you can have is your website. So your website traffic, right? Facebook gives you a pixel. If you don’t have that on your website, you’re doing yourself a disservice. So you need to have the Facebook pixel on your website. It’s pretty simple to do you put it in the header. If you’re not familiar, find yourself like some kind of a geek and they can help you out.

Now you can have everybody who’s visited your website and now they can all be tracked into this, these audiences as well. So these five audiences, if you have these audiences built out, or if this would be a new concept for you to create, to keep yourself in front of people but these five audiences right here,

Maintaining Omnipresence on Facebook

Once you create these audiences, some of them are going to continually build themselves. And some of them you’re going to have to update occasionally, right? Like obviously the database, you’re going to have to update that one. Video views, you just have to add in the new view videos that you upload on your page, but otherwise it’s going to continue to build that audience for you. Engagement is going to continue to build. Form fills, those you have to add the new forms, but otherwise it’s going to continue to build. And then your website is just going to continue to build automatically.

Now what are we going to actually show these people? It’s real easy. You’re going to want to create three videos. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over these people over here (database, video views, engagement, form fills, and website), they’re going to go into one big audience and they’re going to see three videos.

So these three videos. you’re going to shoot them about one minute videos. Okay, you definitely want them to be less than two minutes, so that they’ll show on Instagram and Facebook. If it’s over two minutes, it’ll only show on Facebook. So you’ll lose out on everybody that’s on IG.

And I think you might as well be there. Okay. So on these videos right here, basically it looks like this:

Again, I know it’s backwards, but I think you all are pretty much getting it. So you’re going to shoot three videos.

How to make 3 videos to have omnipresence on Facebook

How, What, Why is your focus.


Video number one is how you do what you do, right? So that could be, let’s start with, what video, for example, I like to start with the “WHY” video. All right, if you look at the why video, it’s like,

“Why are you a loan officer?”

or “Why are you a realtor?”

“Why are you different?”

“Why’d you get into this business?”

It’s almost like telling your origin story in 60 seconds or 90 seconds. Like, “Why did you decide to get in the business?” You know, like today, if I was a loan officer, my origin story would be like, when I was in the air force, I got moved from Texas to Seymour Johnson, air force base in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

And when I got there, I was thinking about where we are going to live? I was looking around at apartments and all this kind of stuff. and ultimately I decided that I was going to build a house. And we found a neighborhood and a builder owned the neighborhood, he referred us over to this local bank.

That’s who I used. I used this local bank in order to get my VA loan for the house. And what I found out about six months after we bought the house is that I actually got an artificially inflated rate. I could have gotten a way better deal if I would’ve went to a mortgage broker or somebody that was like actually looking out for veterans.

And I want to make sure that never happens to another veteran. That’s the reason that I decided to become a mortgage broker today to make sure that I’m serving that community, that they always get helped at the highest level. Um, so like that, you can, you should have some sort of an origin story. How’d you get into this business? Why are you doing this? That kind of thing. Okay. So that’s what your why for you is.


Your “WHAT” video is what you do. You know, it can be pretty simple. Like,

“Hey, um, you probably been hearing a ton of things happening, going on in the market right now. And you want to know, what does this actually mean for you?”

“What is this, how does this apply to your life?”

“What does this mean for your specific situation?”

“If you want to know more about that, just click the link around here, book a 15 minute chat with me and let’s set, let’s talk about exactly what’s going on and how it affects, you know, where you’re at and your specific situation, you know, because ultimately there’s a lot of generic info out here.”

You can be providing that one-on-one assistance.


Now how you do it, that can either be a video of you getting on camera, talking about how specifically you help people so that can be around, if you have some kind of special programs, when you have this kind of thing, you can also get a client to get on video and talk about how you help them.

Okay. So if you’re out there trying to get more refinances or purchase, depending on what you’re looking for, get a client to get on camera and talk about that kind of story, about the fact that you help them and how you help them. And that’s an amazing video to run as well, where you don’t have to be creating the content for that video.

You can just leverage somebody else. Somebody else’s testimonial about you already, because like I call it the Amazon effect. We’re always looking for proof. That somebody is good, or a decision that we’re going to make is we’re looking for validation for that decision and having somebody getting on camera and talking about you, it’s going to help to validate that decision that somebody is already thinking in their head, that they want to work with you.

And now it’ll help, uh, you know, really cement that decision. Okay.

Keeping your Omnipresence on Facebook

So all you do once you shoot these three videos, each one of these videos here, I’m gonna try to do this backwards. Each one of these videos is going to have $1 a day put on it as a budget.

Okay. So you’re never going to wear people out. That’s the great thing about this. Literally this process right here is $3 a day. You’re never going to wear people out. They’re not going to see your video a million times and get frustrated and start hiding you. They’re only going to see you a couple of times a week.

So if anything, it’s just going to keep you top of mind. It’s going to keep you relevant. Also, what this is going to do is it’s going to make you a local celebrity. You’re going to go to a restaurant. You’re going to go out, obviously not right this second. But as you start heading back out and doing things when you’re out and about people are going to recognize you,

People will recognize you from your videos, especially if you have some sort of consistent look. If you wear a hat or have some sort of, kind of look to you, and even if you don’t, people will start to recognize your face because you’re going to be present, in their life when they’re looking on social media, in their experience, you’re going to always be present.

You’re going to always be relevant. All right. So this is omnipresent. This is strategy number four.

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