This question comes up all the time when Loan Officers are learning about marketing and they ask “What are mortgage retargeting ads?”.

Mortgage retargeting ads are paid advertisements to people who have visited your website, engaged with your social media profiles or are in your CRM database.

You can run this style of remarketing to people who:

Pretty cool right?

Here is an example of where you might be seeing ads that are specifically targeting you to bring you back to a website or sales page:

The great news today about mortgage retargeting ads is that you can start from just $1 per day. It used to be so expensive to run this type of marketing but not anymore.

Most of my Loan Officer clients are spending $3-$10 per day to stay in front of people who have already shown interest so the mortgage pro stays top of mind for business.

Knowing these kind of marketing tricks can help you add more Realtor partners as a Loan Officer too.

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