All right, what’s up it’s Nick. I’m gonna show you real quick about mortgage Facebook ads. Gary here was asking about, you know, if he knows, how can he find people in Cincinnati that are going to be moving here with Toyota because, or not here rather, I guess here as in like, I used to live, not in Colorado, but they’re moving to Plano in Dallas, Fort worth. So they’re going from Cincinnati to Plano Toyota employees.

Starting Facebook Ad

I’m going to show you how you could do this, right? So you could easily make a landing page or just use a Facebook lead ads, whatever the case may be. And, you can easily make a campaign targeting these people right here. Right.

So if you just come in Facebook Ads Manager, go into your account and click up here on create an ad, the little green button.

All right. So you’ll want to get picture or whatever, right. And be able to create your ad. I’m going to teach you how you can just get the audience. That’s the main thing I’m going to teach you right now. So let’s say, for example, if I was just going to do an engagement and continue, all right, then basically, what you’re going to do is right here, everyone in this location, we’re going to put people who live in this location and then we’re going to include Cincinnati. Let’s see. Yes. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati, Ohio. All right. Now I’m going to go plus 50 miles because I don’t know how far Toyota people are willing to drive. And Maybe it’s far. All right. So here I could change it the age to like start it 24 or something like that. All right. So here is where I’m going to put Toyota and we want employers.

Then let’s see if there’s any other versions of Toyota that we should use like Toyota USA or something like that. That’s an employer. Toyota motor manufacturing. Okay. I’m going to use Toyota motor and find that there’s Kentucky, Indiana. Let me go with Indiana here.

All right, cool. Sounding as good right there. So that’s 450 people, right? So you could easily run an ad to these 450 people. Then You’re probably going to get a whole bunch of leads if you do it the right way. And you put like, “Hey, special program for Toyota people moving to Texas”. So, just wanted to show you how you could do that.

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