First let’s talk about a message that we have inside of our automated campaigns that mortgage broker lead automation use and has a 25% response rate. So this message is. Personally responsible for 25% of the responses. Out of every four people that receive our automated messaging, one of those people is responding to this message and it’s super simple.

The message is this;

“Hey, (first name) Do you have a timeline in mind of when you’re looking to buy?”

What that message does is engages them without being pushy. You’re not talking about money and you’re not talking about credit or down payment or how much they want to borrow. You’re simply asking them, “Hey, when are you looking to buy? What’s your timeline?” Look for that. This semester that’s 25% response rate from mortgage broker lead automation message. It really is giving you valuable, useful information in a really easy to digest way.

They’re either going to respond, “I’m not looking to buy right now” or. “One month, two months, six months” whatever that might be. That lets you gauge how you need to handle that person. If someone replies especially and says, “I’m trying to buy in three months”, then I know, we really need to get moving because there’s a lot of pieces that need to fall into place in order for this to happen in their three month timeline, if that’s their timeline.

So it engages in a way that doesn’t feel pushy. You’re not digging straight into the money situation, which is a scary part of being a loan officer when you’re dealing with leads. Lastly it really gives you valuable information that you can use. To help gauge how you need to take the next steps with them.

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