Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers –

Hey, I’m Nick. I have a quick question for you. So, Do you work with military home buyers? Do you like helping military veterans use the VA home loan program in order to become a homeowner or to refinance their existing loan? or we’re actually generating. Then these leads right here in this state. And we’re at least looking for two loan officers right now to partner up with, to take the leads.

They’re exclusive customers. So Nobody else gets their information except for you. And here’s what you get. Whenever we send you over a customer, you’re going to get their full name, email, phone number, their mailing address, their branch of service. How much money they want to borrow to buy a house when they want to buy a house and what their estimated credit score is along with any other, if they have any other questions, there’s a spot for them to fill that in as well.

So we’d love to help you out. Also, We’re sending you these customers to help you grow your business. Then if you think that this program may be a fit for you, fill out the form. Now that’s right around here. And either me, Nick, or my brother, Bryan, we’ll get on the phone with you and explain exactly how it works and get you going because we want you to grow your business.

All right.

Are you a Loan Officer and want to work with more military veteran home buyers and refinance customers?

We are generating exclusive home buyer leads in several states. Your VA customer forms are exclusive to you and we only work with 2 Loan Officers per state.

The VA mortgage leads include the following info:



Phone number

Mailing address

Branch of service

Credit score


Amount of Mortgage

Want to get these military home buyers? or Military VA Mortgage Leads? * Leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook for more info about our VA mortgage leads program.

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