Is market update good for real estate marketing?

In general, market update, they’re pretty boring, because they can be long and drawn out, right?. Nobody’s going to dedicate five minutes to watching a market update video. They’re just not going to do that. If they click on a video, it’s like four minutes and 58 seconds, after that, they’re clicking back out, unless they’re really close to making a decision on buying or selling, they might watch that.

It is better if you can do 60 seconds at most. Maybe two minutes, if you’re doing it by yourself. If you have a partner, it can be three minutes maximum. Ideally you don’t even want the number three at the beginning, you want it to be like two minutes and 57 seconds, maximum or whatever.

How long should the video be for Facebook? The reality is people are not on Facebook to learn anything, right? People are on Facebook to be entertained and connect and stuff and daydream through other people’s stories. That’s why they’re not going to dedicate five minutes to listening about your market update, unless they’re really close to making a decision.

***Social Media Videos

At least have it shorter, the shorter your video, the more people are going to watch the video. Think about how important it is for you, that people watch the video all the way to the end. Will they get all the value, If they only watch 50% or 25% of the video?

Now, you got to think about that because people hit click when they hit start. How many of them are you going to keep all the way to the end? The shorter the video, the more people you’re going to get to the end to hear whatever message or communication you’re trying to transfer over to them.

If you can’t even get people to watch the video, it’s like a waste of your effort and a waste of your time. Just keep that in mind.

A Perfect example are these classes, I know that about one hour is around the threshold for most people. Like, after one hour of listening and stuff, people start to daydream, go off to LA LA land. You just have to recognize that. Well, you got to do the same thing with your videos. Try to keep them short, and straight to the point.

Three points of interest in starting

What are three things people need to know right now? if you talk about five things that people need to know, it’s almost too much, even in this case, right?

With five different video ideas, it’s almost difficult to pick between the five. Which one are you going to do first? You got to decide.

In this case, some examples are price per square foot, the best zip codes, and average days on the market to name a few. You can talk anything that people need to know about, like what’s the hottest selling neighborhood or any of these kinds of things that you want people to know about in the market today. So this also makes you give a call to action at the end of the video.

People say they don’t like to be told what to do, however marketing and advertising definitely proves otherwise. And you have to tell people what to do. Okay, you have to tell them what you want them to do.

If you’re already on social media, you might as well just keep it on social media to get your market.

Partnering with a Lender

That’s kind of my feeling. You don’t have to have your phone number everywhere, anymore. There’s a lot of ways to talk to people outside of the phone. For instance, I recognize, voice talking is better than texts talking. As a general statement then, you’re going to get more communication through voice than you are through text only.

I recognize the old school sellers, you know, they want to do, they want to get on the phones. I’m kind of the same way in some cases, but if somebody, always give the option for people to stay on the platform that they’re on today and you want to partner with a lender.

Get with your syndicate leader, they would be a perfect person to do this update with you once a month. You shoot an update once a month, you can drop it on Facebook or you can send it out to your email list. Or you could post it as a blog post on your website.

Mortgage and Real Estate Side

If you wanted to, there’s a lot of different things you can do with that video, but having the mortgage and real estate side is going to make your update better. This will going to make it more comprehensive and it’s going to apply to everybody, regardless of where they are. If they are thinking about refinancing or getting an investment property, buying a new house and selling a house.

When you have the real estate and mortgage side, you’re going to be able to cover everything that people are going to look for. Everything they’re going to look for in a market update.

For real estate market updates, a lot of them are boring. Yours is not going to be boring, if you’re going to do it with a lender.

Cover both sides, ideally do it in two minutes. If you could make a two minute market update you and a mortgage officer, that’s a killer video. If you have to go three minutes, try to go like two minutes, 57 seconds, not three minutes.

You get more people to actually watch the video.

In conclusion, finish the content, consume all your communication versus only getting a portion of it because they give up,

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