How will your Local Business Event promotion help in Real Estate Marketing?

Last idea I got for you is local business and event promotion. Now, what I mean by this is the idea of becoming your local ambassador. Exposure is valuable, we talked about how attention is currency. Well, if you can give attention to another business owner that’s currency, right?

You’re creating value for that person, even if not that many people see it. It’s the offer of exposure that is valuable. So what can you do? What does that actually mean? How do you go do this? So, one idea that I have is called a Youpon.

A Youpon is a video coupon created by you and a local business owner to promote that business, using your name as the actual coupon.

Starting Video interviews with the use of Youpon as local business event promotion

So we’re going to get into, how do you actually do this? How do you pull this off? But basically what you do is you and the business owner are going to get on camera together. So imagine he’s over here, me and the business owner, we’re sitting here talking, and what you want to do is you want to introduce the business, introduce the business owner and if you’re going to be doing these types of interviews now, a youpon is specifically a coupon, but it goes well with a quick interview. So one idea is jot down five questions that you could ask any business owner. Like;

Some of those types of questions that you can have, jot down five questions that you could ask them. So you get on here on camera and you’re like;

“Hey, what’s going on? I want to introduce Nick carpenter. You know, he’s the owner of the bean house coffee, um, coffee bar over here on main and 72nd. And, um, Nick, I want to just ask you five quick questions I always like to ask every business owner. I do these interviews with these five questions.”

You just hit the five questions with them.

Why you set up in this city? What do you love the most about serving these customers? What are you most looking forward to over the next five years? Who’s your ideal customer? What’s one thing that you need, or somebody that you need a connection with that my community can try to help solve that for you today.?”

Like those could be five cool questions. And then, you get into doing a coupon with them. So you obviously talk to them ahead of time about the coupon and then, so here’s, on the coupon, they basically say, the key is that your name is the coupon.

Okay. So they say like, Hey, listen, if you come in and you say, Nick carpenter sent me, we’re going to automatically upgrade your drink to the next size. So if you order a small, we’re going to give you a medium. If you want a medium, we’re going to give you a large, if you order large, we’re just going to give you a high five, right?

You come in anytime the next seven days between now and May 18th or March, March 18th. And, just say, Nick carpenter sent me, you get an automatic upgrade. So now anybody in your community, like first off in the chat, drop me a chat. Let me know. Why do you think that is a cool idea? Have you ever, have you ever done anything like this before or where you partner with a local business and create a cool little coupon just to help drive some traffic into that business?

So the Yuopon is a cool strategy. You could easily do this once a week, right? This is a very, easy once a week drop some value into your database. So this is a video that this is probably not that much of a YouTube strategy, although it could be a YouTube strategy, it could definitely be a YouTube strategy, but the coupon is going to be more like the YouTube strategy would be to get you eyeballs based on people searching for that business name.

Now all of a sudden you get to be in front of people that were even looking for you. They were looking for that business. Now they found your video on Facebook, the Yuopon is great for Facebook. Also, if you put on your personal profile, you can get a link for that profile post, and you can share that link, you know, as an email to your database and say; “Hey, I got you a coupon at Nick’s bean house. Click here and see what the coupon is and go down and check them out.”

And then they watch the video, they get to meet Nick. They love him now more than they love the business more. They’re more bought into the business, the business owner, because they know more about that person and they’re going to go down, use the coupon, spend some money, maybe they get to earn a customer for life.

It’s a fun thing using other chamber members, it is a great place to start. Yeah, absolutely, for sure. So, you know, like we already talked about all this right here, like, why do you even want to share about local businesses?

Your Exposure as a Local Ambassador

Well, that’s why you become a local ambassador, it’s valuable to get exposure, right?

Exposure is value today in today’s environment, they just, the offer for exposure is valuable. Even if you post that video and very few people ever watch it. Just the fact that you came in to the interview posted it, gave him the opportunity for exposure.

Like that’s, that’s where the value is. I think there’s also something to be said about where this is initiating the law of reciprocity and you’re giving them exposure. They’re naturally going to want to give you something back. Which based on the fact that you’re a realtor, the only natural thing would be to try to find somebody that needs to buy or sell a house.

Right. So you’re going to be, they’re gonna be thinking about you that that loop is going to be open in their brain until they give you something back. So I’ll say the last thing is that you become the local ambassador. How can you promote local businesses and do things to help them? Um, You know, get more exposure, right?

Exposure is valuable. And what can you do to offer exposure to other local people?