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Shock & Awe Realtors. All right. What’s up? I’m Nick, we’re going to talk about the L D T model to Shock & Awe Realtors into becoming referral partners. But before we talk about what that is, let’s talk about what that isn’t. Okay.

The LDT model. It’s not Monday cold calls. Okay. It’s not 40 or 50 horrendous long Unwanted on your end and on the realtors end phone calls. It’s also not blind coffee dates. Okay. Hey, if you’re making those Monday calls and you’re inviting for the blind coffee dates, like this is a totally different way to grow your business, then having to mess with that stuff anymore. Okay. That stuff is the core to getting burned out in the mortgage business.

Also, the LDT model is not attending sales meetings. It’s not going to sales meetings then talking about the latest mortgage programs or down payment assistance programs, or it’s not any of those things. And you’re the loan officer, they’re the realtor. They don’t care about mortgage programs.

So that’s why they have you for it. It’s also not delivering food Popeye’s so it’s not bringing cookies or treats or candy or any of these other things to the realtor office in hopes of meeting with realtors or leaving your cards associated with the donuts. Not any of any of that stuff. It’s also not sponsoring Zillow. Okay. It’s not going out and paying huge fees on a monthly basis to Zillow or to keep your realtors happy. This is a totally different process than that.


Let’s talk about the LDT model and it basically has four steps that we’re going to run through right now. Okay.

1. Learn

So step number one, which is the L.

You have to learn something. So how do you learn stuff? There’s a lot of different ways to learn things. If you want to learn stuff, but we’re doing Legion of loan There’s a lot of ways out here to learn stuff. Okay. And so you want to learn something about marketing, about how to rank on YouTube, about how to get more client testimonials.

You could learn about Facebook ads and how to generate home buyer or home seller leads. Through Facebook ads. Okay. Anything that you can learn where, you know, you can do an implemented in your own business. I mean, in this case, we’re just looking for you to learn something that is going to be impactful for you and your own business.

Okay. So let’s just say, for example, one example that we do in the Legion is this single property campaign. That’s killing it right now, converting at five, six, 7% across the country. And it’s just a great place to start in terms of learning something.

2. Do the thing

The next step of the LDT model. You have to actually have to do the thing.

Now you’ve learned something and you’ve actually done that. Then let’s say in the case of single property campaigns, you actually launched a single property campaign and you generate your own home buyer leads for a dollar or $2 or $3 a piece. And again, those are converting, let’s say at a minimum of 5%.

3. Brag

So if you go out there, you generate yourself like 30 leads. Okay. That’s going to be. You know, at least what about like one to three buyers, right? Every single you have to not be a secret agent. Okay. You have to kind of go out there and brag on yourself a little bit. Right? So that’s really step number three is you have to kind of brag on yourself, right?

You have to do it in a cool way, but we are processing the Legion called the humble brag that we teach is like a really cool way to do that. But I’m sure you can come up with your own ways to brag on your success. Right? So if you go out there and you learn a single property campaign, And then you do a single property campaign and you go and generate 30 leads.

Right, then you convert some buyers. You can easily go to Facebook and brag about that. Right. And get people interested in what you’re doing and ask them if they want to know how to do that. Right. And if they do want to learn more, then that’s when you have an opportunity to finish up the LDT model.

4. Teach

And you want to actually teach a class. You want to teach the realtors, how you’re doing that. And you can do that in a few different ways, right? You could host a class for a group to Shock & Awe Realtors you could offer to do that. One-on-one you could offer to do that for specific real estate companies, or there’s a lot of different ways, right?

So if you follow this process right here, where you learn how to do something and you actually go and do that for yourself. Then get results. Like let’s use another example. Okay. Let’s say that you learn how to rank your videos at the top of YouTube. Okay. So you learn how to do that, and then you actually do that, right?

So you get up, you get a key word and you actually rank your video. Number one, you can easily go back to Facebook and stuff and brag about that, right? Like bam, who wants to know how I just did this? Okay. And if they do, then you can teach a class and you can show them exactly how you did that. Okay. Or you’re going to offer to teach them however you want to teach them that process.

I like to host classes because it respects your time. The most you can get in front of, you know, right now we’re averaging 15 realtors in a class. So you can get in front of 15 realtors in one hour, save you a whole bunch of time over those old school coffees and lunches, whatever thing, you know, like I said, is the core to burning out in the mortgage industry.

Okay. I can easily take this process and you can just start this today, right? Go ahead. Figure something out, do it. And then a couple of days brag about what you did and ask people if they want to know how to do that, and then offer them the ability to learn that if you’d like some help with this process, and you want to see exactly how we’re doing this and how we’re creating success for loan officers inside the Legion of loan officers, just check this out.

Legion of loan A bunch of details are right there. And, uh, yeah. Let me know how this goes for you. I hope it help you in your business.

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