This guest training is from Eric Braun AKA @notyouraveragelender and you can see a lot of the Loan Officer Instagram marketing tips he’ll share in use over there.

Before I go into the strategies of explaining Instagram, I’m going to just talk about how to set up your bio do’s and don’ts, et cetera. And I pulled up the MDIC, PMI pricing. I know some of you guys are probably looking at that on a daily basis like me, but this is what I really wanted to show you.

Okay. So a few quick things about Instagram and by the way, my strategies are completely the same Instagram and Facebook, obviously. It’s a different platform. So there’s little different tweaks, but I post the same stuff that I do on Instagram that I do on Facebook. It’s the same thing. And both are incredibly, incredibly valuable.

I’m not, I used to be very pro Instagram. I used to be, you know, the type that’s, Facebook is dead. I do not believe so anymore. I think they’re both very, very good platform. So some do’s and don’ts first off.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Do’s and Don’ts for Mortgage Pros

But that’s the very basic some do’s and don’ts.

What’s one thing you notice about my profile? If I’m scrolling through it right now?

Well, It’s all about me. That’s what a personal brand is all about. I don’t post three and a half percent down. FHA loans are available. I do not post anything like that. I post about me. That’s what people are building relationship with you. Not the programs, right? So some do’s and don’ts would be.

Don’t post the product highlight.

Do post the stuff about you, whether it’s a stupid little picture with no caption.

I can talk about the profile and how to build that successfully and all that stuff. Nick has some of this training in The Legion of Loan Officers also. You can apply to join his group here.

Loan Officer Strategies For The ‘Gram

Some actual strategies that you can do…

First off, this is the first thing you should do, whatever marketplace you’re in, do this. Type in “long Island real estate” This is straight from Gary V’s handbook, guys, something that you guys should do.

Something that you should do right away is start following influencers outside of the mortgage industry and just copy what they do and just throw the mortgages in there, but basically what you want to do is search. You can not only search people’s usernames, but you can also search hashtags.

Do you want to follow your market? Hashtag meaning hashtag long Island real estate. I follow that hashtag. I like and engage on every post in there. All of my posts, I use that hashtag, so I start to become trending in that hashtag, like, comment, DM now, anything, this is the very key.

Any realtors coming into your space, I always say if they come into my space, they’re getting a DM, right? Whether that be, they like my picture, they comment on my picture, they friend, or follow me. I immediately send that person a message. Try to take the online relationship offline. You don’t want to have a bunch of followers and no referral partners, right?

Try to take the online relationship offline. So anytime whether it be a loan officer or a real estate agent interacts with any of my posts in any way, I immediately DM them in and try to pull that relationship offline, whether it be schedule a call or an in-person meeting now real quick, um, reach out to the top influencers in your market.

Watch Eric’s video for more Loan Officer Instagram marketing tips: