Yeah, what’s going on. It seems to be the, uh, seems to be the popular thing around here to claim that, you know, and you’re a loan officer Facebook ad expert, right. I’m sure besides me that you’ve seen a whole bunch of other people on here claiming to be loan officer. Facebook ad experts. So here’s what I’m going to challenge you to do.

And I’m going to show you the results in just a second. I want you to go to Google or go to YouTube and search for yourself. Search loan, officer Facebook ads, then see who Google says is the number one expert. Then go to YouTube and see who YouTube says is the number one loan officer Facebook ad expert.

And I’m going to jump on the computer right now, then I’m going to show you the results using an incognito search page. So you can see for yourself exactly what they say. All right. Cool. So I’m going to jump in here and what I’m going to do is go over here to an incognito window. All right. So that way my search history is not having any impact on what I’m about to show you.

So I’m going to pull up Google again. Then listen to see what Google has to say. So if we search loan officer Facebook ads, right? Number one. Is my ultimate guide to loan officer Facebook ads. Number two is my loan officer FAQ. Number four is my case study number five and six and seven, all my videos.

All right. So that’s what Google has to say. Then let’s go over to YouTube and see where YouTube says.

Again, same search loan officer, Facebook ads. Right. You can see right there. Number one then number two are both me as you come down, whoever this dude is stole my video. Doug chin. Thanks a lot, Doug. There you go again. Look, you can’t mistake that face right there. Right? All right. There’s my list. There’s me again.

All these black ones right here are mine. Right? So you can see here. Okay. Look at that guy. All right. So that’s what YouTube has say pretty awesome results, right? I dunno. Maybe you saw somebody that kind of looks like this. So if you did, and you want to hire somebody that can help you run your loan officer Facebook ad, you don’t want to learn by yourself.

You’re not interested in joining my program, mortgage marketing mastery and learning it for yourself. You just want to focus on what you do best and use one. I had the leads coming in and you want my team to handle that for you, then go ahead and shoot us a message and let’s chat about the details. All right.

See yah!

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