Number 11 is looking at new social platforms.

Social Platforms

So obviously, we’re on Facebook and this is one platform, but there’s a lot of platforms that are out there. Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, LinkdIn, all these different types of platforms. And maybe it’s the time that you could be putting in 30 minutes a day or one hour a day. In order to try to load a new platform.

Maybe it’s a time where you can actually figure out a new platform instead of being a lurker. You can actually do it as a content creator, maybe, Tiktok would be a great example of that or LinkedIn. It’s kind of strange now that people are hanging out on LinkedIn.

Still feel like that I’m not used to that, but ultimately people are doing that now. It’s kind of changing that platform a little bit and making it slightly more social. And if you create content on LinkedIn, You have a really good chance of getting a lot of eyeballs on your content because people are reading content. People are there to learn and everybody’s there for business kind of a feeling.

Having a Content on Social Platforms

Having good content on LinkedIn is pretty cool. The other thing is like, if you need to check out some people on Tiktok. I’ll post some links to different people on Tiktok, after I get off the live and you can check them out. So people that I think are doing a pretty good job on Tiktok in terms of mortgage and real estate related people.

And you can see what they’re doing, but maybe it’s the time, you know, take 30 minutes a day and really, really just dive into a new platform. I mean, there’s probably some, you probably have some different social apps on your phone, but you’re just a lurker on. You’re just there. And every once in a while, scrolling through looking at the content, but not actually creating your own content.

Make time for Creating Contents

So, how can you take this time right now? And every single day, dive into one of the social platforms, then actually become a content creator on that platform instead of just being, you know, just being a lurker, right? Ultimately if you’re just lurking in the background, you’re not going to get the same value out of the, out of a platform as if you’re actually there creating content, being part of the value, being part of the topic, the conversation, that kind of thing.

Right. If you’re just hanging out, watching, just being an observer. You’re, you’re not going to, you know, you’ll never get the same value out of it. So ultimately you gotta, you gotta just go in and actually create content. So once you’re watching what other people are doing, eventually just follow their, follow their lead, right follow there.

Now you’re going to see people in every platform. There’s different structures that work there’s different. Watch and see what’s working then be inspired by what’s working for other people and do something. In your own way, by being inspired by what they’re doing.

So that way you’re not trying to just start from scratch. It’s like, just go out and look at what people are doing. That’s already working and then just kind of mimic that. I’ll give you an example. One time I saw an article. I just want an article from Forbes magazine or from car and truck magazine or something like that, and it was called up seven cars to avoid in 2019.

There was a lot of fear of missing out or the need to click into that article. So I use that same concept of things to avoid. I made a blog post called “seven reasons why realtors, hate loan officers, and maybe even you”.

The blog post was my most shared blog I ever had. It got like a hundred thousand views because it was getting shared in realtor groups and loan officer groups and all over the place. And people it’s a, such a curiosity peaker right now. I didn’t just come up with that concept on my own. Saw a concept that was working for somebody else in a totally different industry.

I just mimicked what was working for them because that article had, like 50,000 shares or something on it on Facebook. And so I was like, okay, well obviously this is a really a curiosity, Peaker, I’m going to, I’m going to kind of copy what they’re doing. And I’m going to do it with my own style.

Right. So, so you can do the same thing with new platforms right now. Like I said, LinkedIn, Tik TOK, some of those kinds of things, or if you’re just a lurker on Instagram, maybe start creating content on Instagram, that kind of stuff. Right. But looking at a new platform right now, it doesn’t take that much time.

You can just take 15 or 20 minutes a day to scroll through, through, look at the discovery pages, this kind of stuff. See what’s working for people. And then create something, right. And you eventually, you’ve just got to jump in and you just gotta start trying and stuff and skin your knees a couple of times, you know what I mean before?

Well, you can ride a bike.

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