Smart mortgage pros know the fastest way to build a big business is having great Loan Officer Realtor relationships.

Sure, there a lots of referral sources but Realtors have their ear to the ground all the time. No one really wants a mortgage. They want a home. Our product is really a need not a want.

Improve Loan Officer Realtor Relationships
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Working through Realtor partners gives you the best chance to talk to “right now” home buyers. People ready, willing, and able to buy a house in the next 30-60 days. I mean, isn’t that who you want to talk with the most anyways?

Idea number one in the video below is one to have referrals to pass back to agents.

Idea number two is about getting face to face with real value that has nothing to do with your rates, closing time or ability to communicate.

Idea number 3 is another in person idea that initiates the Law of Reciprocity.

In this quick 4 minute video, Nick Carpenter from The Legion of Loan Officers shares 3 pretty simple ways to get more at-bats with real estate agents to get a chance to earn their business and have the best Loan Officer Realtor relationships.

Need more ideas?

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