Promote your Videos

How can you actually promote the videos? There are a few different options that you have. We talked about it already, you can put the video on YouTube and keyword it around that business name, not around you or anything that has to do with you. It’s like five questions with the owner of Nick’s bean house in Waco, Texas.

Now, anybody who’s out there Googling Nick’s bean house Waco, Texas, depending on what other content exists have definitely a high probability that your video is going to rank either on Google, actually Google page one, where they have videos ranking there. If somebody is YouTube-ing that kind of content, they’re definitely going to find your video.

Keywords to promote your videos

promote your videos

So, You just have the keyword for the business, not for anything that has to do with you. If you put it on YouTube, you can also write a blog post. You could have that video transcribed on Fiverr. The girl that I meet on Fiverr, she charges me $15 for every 60 minutes of video.

Let me see, is that right? 15, no, $15 for every 30 minutes of video. So if you make, you know, basically let’s just say you pay her 15 bucks, she transcribes the whole thing. You just drop that on your website and now you have a blog post with all their answers written out. You have a cool blog, on your website that can capture attention also rank on Google, you know, so that’d be another way.


And then the last thing we are going to talk about is using Facebook. You can make it as a personal profile posts, so it gets in front of your organic network. You could also put it on your business page and run it as an ad. Just putting it on your business page is not going to do anything.

Nobody cares about business pages, but they will see ads if you run ads. They can’t avoid the ads. So that’s what I use business pages for and how I think you should use it is put the video on there, put like a dollar or $3 a day. You know, I say $10 here on the slide, but I think a dollar to $3 a day is probably better. And, is another option for transcription.