The marketplace is packed with options in the mortgage coaching and mortgage marketing space in 2020.

How can anyone look around and choose the right one?

Here are a few tips to look for if you are considering to hire a mortgage coach or join a marketing mastermind.

1. Are You A Learner/Doer or a Delegator?

This is the first question to ask because it will help you decide between joining a group that will teach and help you or if you should hire a done for you agency that will do the work on your behalf.

The agency will probably get you a little bit faster results out of the gate because they skip the learning phase but you are also stuck with their larger monthly retainer since they have to keep doing the work for you to have leads or results from them.

Agency retainers range from $1250 – $10,000+ per month, which is expensive, but they are doing all the work to generate and send you leads.

2. Is The Training Current By Today’s Standard?

In 2018, there was a run on marketers making training for Facebook ads. You saw cost per clicks, cost per leads, and everything else increase because all of a sudden the newsfeed was flooded with new ad runners.

Many of those same courses are being sold today with outdated and subpar information so make sure to find out if the content has been updated for 2020 or if it is still old material.

3. Do Their Strategies Align With Your Ideals?

If you hate receiving cold calls, don’t join a group teaching you to make a list of 40 Realtors and cold call them. Seems pretty simple.

So many Loan Officers subject themselves to abuses like this week in and week out. In fact, some people are so proud of this abuse that they track it and call it greatness.

As Buddha says, there are 84,000 paths to enlightenment. Choose one.

You can find a group that aligns with your core beliefs.

4. Are Members From Different Companies and States?

One of the challenges you get from local groups or groups based in the same company is a lack of honest sharing.

No one wants to build up their competion and shrink their piece of the pie. You can end up with these groups where sharing is all high level but no one gets into the nitty gritty details where the success is found.

Find a group with a national presense in many states with people across lots of companies and business models.

With a group like I’m describing you can have a Wizard of Oz culture where the curtain gets pulled back and the truth is revealed. Members can share 100% of the information because there is no reason not to.

5. Does The Coaching Program Have Core Values?

The heart of any good organization are it’s core values. Ask the group you are considering about theirs and see what they say.

The Legion of Loan Officers has 5 core values – Relationhips, Excellence, Courage, Commitment and Integrity.

See if The Legion would be a great fit for you at