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All right. What’s up Nick carpenter. I was just looking here in the realtor lead-generation tips group, then I saw Brian Cagle asked a question about real estate leads Facebook. Has anyone had success holding open houses during the week or door-knocking hot neighborhoods? I think I need an extra source of leads right now. So I was going to give Brian a two ways that he can do the two things that he just mentioned there.

Um, kind of like with tech. So number one, open houses during the week that can totally work. You just have to make sure that the right people know about it. So what you can do is run Facebook ads. Promoting the open house to your perfect customer. So that way they know that it’s going on, right? You can do that either right before school gets out, or the timeframe between school gets out and dinner time, it’s up to you.

But as long as you’re doing Facebook ads, you’re driving traffic and you’ve got enough signs and things out there. You’re going to get people into the open house. Now, the other idea of door knocking, hot neighborhoods, instead of doing that. You can actually take a video in front of a house that just recently sold and tell people that, Hey, what’s going on?

Is Nick with blank, blank, real estate wanted to tell you real quick, what’s going on in the. This zip code, right. And name the zip code and, or in this neighborhood. And just talk about some of the market stats. In fact, this house behind me recently sold for 102% of list price. You know, if you’d like to get 102% of list price, you should call me and let me help you get those results.

Right. So it’s no different than you providing the information or going out to door. Knock. To get in front of neighbor, you know, in front of homeowners and tell them those stats. You could just do it in a cool video, put it on Facebook, use Facebook ads, and hopefully those two ideas will help Brian and help you.

If you have those questions about how to get some extra real estate leads right now as well. See it.

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