How it Connects for loan officer online marketing?

All right. So one of the questions I get a lot is how does all the loan officer online marketing stuff connect together? How does it all work? You know, how does making YouTube videos work with blogging and Facebook ads? And you know, actually getting leads and appointments. How does everything connect together? So I’m going to do a down and dirty here.

I drew this little diagram to kind of show you. How it actually works, uh, when you get in there. So I’m going to start with the YouTube video. So that would be the first place. Right. And the reason I say that is, um, you’ll see what we’re going to use, that YouTube video for some other things. But when you start with the video, now you have the ability to rank on YouTube.

You’ve got content going out to your YouTube channel subscribers. You can have a call to action in the description, and you could use the cards or annotations to add additional calls to action. On top of the video. Once you’ve got that video, you know, we don’t want to send people there. So we want to actually go and create a blog post.

Okay. So you’re gonna make a blog post on your, on your WordPress website and within the blog, you’re gonna embed the YouTube video now, unless you have just a tremendous website with huge amounts of traffic, you’re probably not going to get a lot of organic traffic. So one of the ways that we can. Get a, a blitz of people to the website is by using Facebook ads.

Right. So you can just go and run a quick Facebook ad to the blog post in order to get a lot of people there to read the post and then hopefully to take action. Right? So what you can do is within the blog post and within the YouTube video, you can offer a free thing. Oops. I don’t know what that was. So this free thing could be a cheat sheet, a checklist, an ebook, a guide, a video series, a list, right?

It’s some kind of tangible offer or some kind of training offer or something along those lines where somebody is going to give you their information, their name, email, phone number, or whatever information you’re going to ask in exchange for that free thing. Okay. So. Say, for example, as a loan officer, you could offer the free thing as a home buyer checklist or a renter escape plan or something along those lines, right?

The home buying guide. Now, once they take you up on your free thing, the next goal is to actually get them to convert out to an appointment. Right. And the way you can do that is on the download page. When they get the free thing, you can say, Hey, download this. Oh, by the way, you know, would you like to schedule a 15 minute strategy session?

Or, you know, this free thing is going to help you a lot, but it’s only one part of how you actually become a homeowner. If you’d like to discover and discuss the other three key pieces of becoming a homeowner click here to schedule a 15 minute strategy, phone call, right? Or 15 minute consultation, whatever you want to call it.

Now, everybody that clicks the Facebook ad is going to go to the blog post. Right? So we know a hundred percent of the people that click the ad, read the blog posts. And probably a good percentage of those people will also watch the YouTube video, but not everybody is going to take you up on your free thing.

Right. And not everybody that can, that takes the free thing is going to actually convert to an appointment. So anybody that views this blog post, you know, you could go out and you can run retargeting ads on Facebook. Okay. And so you could just rerun Facebook ads to the people that view the blog. And offer the free thing.

So just have it go directly to the landing page for the free thing, and they can get that again. Right. And now they’ve got a chance to convert out to an appointment as well. And of course you can also run oops, ITI, where you can run retargeting ads across the web. So you can run banner ads so you can have coverage on Fox,, Huffington post, and every other major website.

Um, that’s out there today for a couple of pennies. If that every single time they show your banner ad to somebody that’s already been on your blog post. Now, everybody that gets the free thing. Of course, we said, they’re not going to convert to an appointment. So you can also run retargeting ads on Facebook, right.

In order to get appointments from the people that got the free thing. My K thanks for downloading my free thing. By the way, I love to chat with you for 15 minutes and, you know, see how I can help you. And then of course you can do the same thing across the web, right? So I call that the million dollar smoke and mirrors marketing, because when somebody goes to Fox news or CNN and Huffington post and they see your banner ads, it makes it feel like, man, you gotta be spending a million bucks in order to be on Fox news.

Right? Like that’s a big ticket site and, um, that’s gonna kind of be the feelings. Um, and so it puts you in a little bit higher celebrity status. A little bit elevates your, your business by having banner ads on these major websites. So you see how everything really revolves around the blog posts and the YouTube video.

Then you have something to promote. So if you don’t have a WordPress website where you can promote a blog post, and you can actually set this process up, then shoot me a message. I’d love to talk to you about what we’re doing and how it can help your business and, you know, create this process. So you can have the whole system and everything done for you and just get a term key sales system with a WordPress website so that you can go out and implement this process into your business.

Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see it.

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