What I’m going to share to you today is how to get more juice from your mortgage marketing. So what does that really mean? It’s like, how can you get more out of what you’re already doing? Okay. So how can you get more juice from your mortgage marketing?

Juice from your Mortgage Marketing – Network

So number one is to look at your network and figure out maybe there’s some people that you could be creating tighter relationships with within your network. Okay. A lot of times people aren’t looking like, always looking for new going out, how can, you know, how can we go get more and more and more, new, new, new, what it’s about is just actually increasing what you already have going on around you.

Show can you look at your network? Right? How can you look at your own network and get more, you know, and get more, um, get more deals, get more partnerships, you know, what can you do to within your own network to be strengthening those relationships? Right. Strengthening them and tightening them up today, making sure that you’re not disappearing.

Okay. People are going to go into this quarantine or whatever’s going on now. And then some people are going to disappear and you want to make sure that you’re not one of those people that are disappearing. You want to be out there. Wanting to still be, in the mix, right? You want to still be having actual in your profile, bringing content, just making sure that you’re not disappearing.

So what can you do within your own network to go out? Maybe either reconnect with people that you haven’t connected with in a while, or just have a reach out on a phone call. Well, what can you do with your own network to strengthen in your relationships that you have there?


Number two on getting more juice from your mortgage marketing is how can you co-brand?

So a lot of people right now, they’re looking for more business. They’re looking for ways to get more exposure. So how can you offer that either through co-branding from, people that you can bring up or look around. People that are serving the same customers as you, but they’re not direct competitors.

So as a realtor, co-branding for realtor could look like tons of people, right? You have people from interior designers, home painters, home stagers in landscapers, pool people, home inspectors, and roofing companies. There’s all these people that realtors are kind of associated with, but you’re not direct competitors.

So how can you be looking to co-brand with some of those people? What can you do to create some co-create content right now, if you have some value to bring to their network, could you guys create some video together and let them push that video out to their own, to their network?

What can you do to look at everybody has their own individual personal sphere. So how can you benefit from those other spheres that are existing today and get out there a little bit more,. So it’s not that you have to go and put a whole bunch of money into the market in order to find these, this all right here is for free. This is just looking at who’s already around you. And how could you leverage existing relationships.


The last one is ambassadors.

So ambassadors to me is somebody different than what you would co-brand with. And ambassador is somebody in your network that has a lot of pull. They have weight, they have their own sphere of influence. They’re well-known. An ambassador could be somebody like a CEO of a company or somebody that runs HR.

For a large company, an ambassador could be somebody who is well known within your local community, somebody on the city council, the mayor, somebody within the police department. These are all different potential ambassadors. So how could you be looking around for again, within your own existing network of people that maybe you don’t have a good relationship with them and you need to create one.

They could be a huge referral source for you. Oftentimes an ambassador doesn’t necessarily have anything to gain back from their referrals. They do it because of the relationship that you have with them. Now, the best example is somebody that owns their own company or runs HR for a company.

They’re going to have a lot of opportunities to hear about people that may want to buy a house or they’re going to be in that circle of information and because they’re your ambassador, they could be sending all that business over to you. They can be recommending you for that business.

So look around, go through your own Facebook friends list, go through your own Instagram connections and this kind of thing, your LinkedIn connections, and look who do you know, that’s not associated at all with the real estate industry, but that they could be a huge referral source for you. And what could you do to reach out to them and provide value or create a better relationship with that person so that when the time comes, hopefully frequently for them to be referring somebody for real estate needs, you’re the person that they’re going to think about or for mortgage needs, you know, you’re the person that they’re going to think about.

So be looking around for ambassadors. I mean, right now, all of this right here is completely for free. a lot of times people are nervous about money today. Because they don’t know what’s going to happen over the next couple of weeks and everything is going to solve itself out and everything is going to be just fine.

Getting more JUICE from your Mortgage Marketing

And this right here is going to allow you to go out and organically, create a bigger, stronger, better network of people around you and having you inserted into other spheres of influence by co-branding with people. And then also, how can you again, look at creating ambassadors, do an audit of your own business and see work.

Do you have ambassadors in your business today? Who are those people? Right? What are their common characteristics of the ambassadors that are referring you more than three to five deals a year? And maybe if you have amazing ambassadors, that number is higher for you, right? Maybe that number is an ambassador to you as somebody that’s referring to at least six deals per year or whatever the number is.

Right. I would think in general, if you look around at how many referrals you get per person that, you know, Somebody that’s referring over three or five deals a year is probably a pretty significant amount. So, but, but that number could be small, right? If you go and find the right, if you go to find the right ambassador.


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