Loans Target is really hard to attain in your monthly deliverables if you don’t have the right resources and the right team to walk you through it. Read on this article to know how one of the members from The Legion of loan Officers increased his targets from 2 to 8 loans per month.

For Michael McKenzie, being with the Legion made him work and achieve higher targets by getting far more leads as of being an independent broker. In his Words he describes his achievement as breaking record.

What’s up everybody! Michael McKenzie also known as Big League Approved coming here from LoLo. Yes. I’m an alumni and LoLo. I renewed my subscription. Um, I just have my record breaking month as a loan officer. Yes. My record breaking month, my mortgage company actually sent me over a plaque to, uh, thanking me for my record breaking month.

But here’s the thing it happened in May 2020. Um, all my closes came from Facebook leads. Yes, that’s unheard of all of my closes in may of 2020 came from Facebook leads. I was able to pass the leads around to my relative partners and it was amazing thing cheaper than Zillow. Um, great, great, great, great thing that I just did.And I’m thankful for Nick, for Lolo. Thank you all for everything. And Hey. I used to be a 2C,3C type of a loan officer. Now I’m seven, eight closings a month. Just have my record breaking month in 2020, May 2020 big league approved, signing out peace.

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