What’s up loan officers! If you’ve been wondering how to do free organic Facebook marketing about loans then this is the content for you.

My name is Nick carpenter from the Legion of loan officers. We’re about to go through a three part series. And we’re going to show you exactly how to increase your mortgage business on Facebook for free, so stick around.

All right. So first thing we’re going to do in step number one is what we’re going to talk about today. Make sure that you subscribe to the channel, hit that thumbs up, leave a comment. We’re going to be showing you the other three, the other parts of this series, you know, coming up over the next couple of weeks.

Facebook Ads

Number one when a loan officer wants to grow their business on Facebook, oftentimes the only thing people think about are Facebook ads. A lot of times the organic side of what you can do for free on Facebook, it gets forgotten about, you know, people just want to give Facebook money and get leads out or give Facebook money and put their ad in front of the right people.

And obviously I’m a big fan of that as well, which is why I have tons of videos on this in my YouTube channel about loan officer Facebook ads. I ranked number one on Google for loan officer Facebook ads. And it’s something that I really believe that all loan officers should be doing. But in addition to the paid side of Facebook and what you can do there on the paid side, there’s also a whole other part of Facebook where you can do things for free.

Obviously if you’re on Facebook, you understand that there are whole free side, because that’s everything that’s involved with your personal profile. So in these next three contents, we’re going to talk about how to use your personal profile and how to grow your mortgage business.

Free Organic Facebook Marketing Strategy

1. Adding New Friends

Step number one is real simple.

You need to be adding new Facebook friends every single day. So first question I get, “Who should I be adding?” The people that you should be adding, there’s really two categories of folks that you want to add. Now, if this is a new process, if what I’m about to share is going to be new for you. If you’ve never gone and purposefully added people to your Facebook so that you can grow your connections with intention, it might feel kind of weird at first.

You’re going to be kind of sending messages to strangers, sending them Facebook friend requests. And as a loan officer doing marketing on Facebook, it might feel kind of strange. When you do it the first time, but as you start doing this every single day, you’re going to be used to it.

You’re going to be out there hunting, just like a caveman back in the day. We’re going to purposefully go out and we’re going to hunt and we’re going to intentionally create connections that can potentially be referral partners or share business or that kind of thing.

Who should you be adding?

So when you’re adding people on Facebook, who should you be adding? You should be adding potential referral partners. You should be adding people that are your ideal perfect client. I’m going to focus. If you’re a loan officer today, we’re going to focus on adding real estate agents to your profile.

We want to make sure that realtors are seeing the stuff that you have going on in your business. The events that you’re hosting, the testimonials you’re getting, the closings that you’re having, the success you’re creating for your other real realtor partners. You want to make sure that other realtors that you’re not currently working with, you want them to see those things.

So we want to intentionally be going out there and adding realtors to our profile on and on every single day basis. But where do you find the realtors to add to your profile? That’s definitely the biggest hurdle that most people have is they’re not sure who to add. Where do you find people to send a friend request to?

Where to find Realtors?

All right. So I’m going to give you a couple of different ideas of where you can find these folks.

1. Facebook Groups

Number one, you can find realtors, Inside of realtor Facebook groups. So you can go into, just go on Facebook, do a search at the top for like your local area, with the word realtors or real estate behind it.

For example, you could search if I was in Dallas, Fort worth, right in Arlington, Texas, where we used to live, you could search for Arlington realtors. You go search for DFW realtors, Dallas, Fort worth realtors, and all those things. Also with real estate behind it. You want to try to find some local realtor groups that you could either join or just be able to mind the member’s out of it.

So what’s cool is if on Facebook, if it’s a public group, then you can see all the members that are in that group and you could be able to go through and check out those profiles and be able to send them a friend request that way. If it is a closed group, the only people that you can see publicly are the admins and everybody else that’s a member. You can be able to see those members whenever you get inside the group. So try to join the groups if you can. And then you can use those go through and be purposeful again with who you’re adding. You don’t want to be adding loan officers. So don’t just go do and add everybody because there’s going to be other affiliates in the group too. You want to only be adding the realtors. So groups, Facebook groups, that’s the first place that you can find realtors to be adding.

2. Facebook friends, friends’ list

The second way that you can look for realtors is you can look through your other, your friends, friends list. So realtors, they’re connected to a lot of other realtors on Facebook.

And if you have one realtor friend, they’re going to have a lot of realtors in their friends list. So just click into their friends list, if it’s visible and you can be able to see who else they’re connected to that are also agents. And, um, Keep in mind when you’re doing this process, you only need to be adding three to five people per day.

So you don’t want to be, don’t try to add a hundred people in one day. Facebook will actually ban you from sending friend requests for a period of time. You just want to be just doing this as a slow play. This is a long term strategy, not a one hit you’re done once and done kind of strategy. It’s something you’re going to do on a daily basis.

So the first place is Facebook groups. The second place is looking through your Facebook friends, friends’ list, right? Again, realtors are connected to realtors. Title people are connected to tons of realtors. So we look into those folks, go to their friends list and you can, you kind of snipe out their friends being specific to only send invitations to realtors and not to the other title, people or insurance, mortgage people, all that kind of stuff and you want to be real specific.

3. Hashtags

The third way that you can find realtors on Facebook to be sending friend requests to is, by looking up keyword phrases and also looking up hashtags. It’s going to show you different posts. That have the hashtag on the post. And you can also look up keyword phrases, look up posts.

It’s going to show you people there that have Facebook posts that are public, that have those key phrases built into them. So that’s step one for loan officer marketing on Facebook. We’re going to share with you all the different ways, but you can do this for free grow your mortgage business. Get more leads, get more referral partners.

This is just one strategy on free organic Facebook marketing. So again, this is part one, make sure that you subscribe on my YouTube channel, leave a comment, leave a thumbs up. And we’re going to come back in the next few days with the following two parts part, number two part number three, we’ll be back with those. So in the meantime, make sure that you start some sending out three to five friend requests to realtors every single day.

And that’s step number one in free organic Facebook marketing for loan officers. My goal and intention at this moment is to do two videos per week. I’ll grab an awesome day. See you next time.

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