Smart Mortgage Pros Are Using Social Media and New School Strategies To Add Realtor Partners, Generate Consumer Direct Leads, and Create A Steady Flow Of Database Referrals in 90 Days or Less Without Making a Single Cold Call

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Most Loan Officers Are Using Dinosaur Marketing and Old School Strategies Which Attracts Sub-Par Realtor Referral Partners

Do you feel like that could be you right now?

Is the online world moving faster than you can keep up on your own?

You’re tired of chasing down Realtors (who aren’t even doing enough business to get you excited) only to be told they will add you to a list of 3 lenders they pass out.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many Loan Officers in America. You’re stuck in a cycle of bringing treats to Realtor offices and paying for these ridiculous co-branding schemes by sites like Zillow and Trulia.
Back in the day there were 3 main ways Loan Officers would approach real estate agents about partnering up. First, there was the donuts drop-off. You’d stop by the local donut shop and grab a dozen or two for each office. Slap a business card on the top and toss a few inside so you can get those deals!
Next, you could invite a Realtor out for a coffee meeting. Have a little small talk and hopefully get to know the agent better to see if you’re a fit. These meetings can be nerve-wrecking, like a first date, especially knowing they have at least 2-3 lenders already in their back pocket.
Finally, you could bring a Realtor out for lunch. These meetings can be effective with the right people or can be a huge waste of time and money with the wrong ones. How will you know the difference?

Paying for Blind Lunch Dates That Ghost You and Crappy Zillow Partnerships Can Finally Be a Thing of the Past

Do you have the mortgage business you REALLY want?

We ran a survey of 300+ Loan Officers asking about the top 3 issues they are having right now.

The first challenge Loan Officers have is generating exclusive mortgage leads. Many LOs and Brokers are paying for leads through expensive agencies or getting sucked into partnerships as the preferred lender on Zillow or

The problem is that most companies online are selling leads to several mortgage companies and you end up in a race to broke as customers rate shop among the Loan Officers who call them back.

No one wants to compete with 3-5 other Loan Officers for business, especially if you can start getting your own exclusive mortgage leads every day.

The second challenge that came up on the Loan Officer survey is people having trouble converting the leads they are generating.

Competing for business is certainly a factor in converting leads. It makes sense you can convert more leads if you are the only Loan Officer calling them. Right?

Lastly, the 3rd challenge for mortgage professionals is getting more (or better quality) Realtor referral partners.

The goal for most mortgage pros should be to have at least 10 solid partners.

Assuming each real estate agent is closing at least 1 deal every month, you’ll have a solid 10 loans per month business. 

There Are Enough People Who Will Do Business Your Way That You Don’t Need The Ones Who Won’t.

I will always remember hearing that quote from The Billion Dollar Man, Jim McMahan, at a private event we hosted in Breckenridge, Colorado.

It’s a message I share with Loan Officers on a regular basis because we all get this idea of who we are supposed to be in the mortgage business. The truth is your business will flourish when you are authentic. The right people will be attracted to you and the others will fall away. It’s perfect. There are plenty of Realtors who want to know and work with the real you.
So, here’s our goals so far…

  • Generate and convert mortgage leads. Imagine a life where you control your lead flow on a daily basis and you can generate home buyer and mortgage leads at cost instead of paying super inflated agency fees. We’ll even show you how to get Realtors pay for your ad spend.
  • Become more valuable to Realtors. The trick to edging out their current lender is to bring more value to their business and life. We do that with leads, monthly marketing classes and helping them grow their business.
  • Increase your database referrals and repeat business by 287%. Our Micro Celebrity Strategy ensures you always stay relevant to people who know, like and trust you with simple one minute videos.

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