Best Mortgage Software For Loan Officers Who Want To Grow

Best Mortgage Software for Growth Minded Loan Officers

Loan Officers today are peppered with offers from marketing companies and agencies claiming to have the golden egg when you are just searching for the best mortgage software. We used to have one of those expensive marketing agencies where we would charge people up to $5000 per month to have us run and manage their […]

Mortgage Broker Marketing Basics

mortgage broker marketing basics

Let’s talk about some Mortgage Broker marketing basics to help you get results from the time you spend on social media. There are some simple things you can tweak to get more engagement and enjoy the process more. Originally posted on

5 Mortgage Marketing Examples for 2023

5 mortgage marketing examples for 2023

Let’s talk about some unique and creative mortgage marketing examples you can do right now in 2023. We have to put the social back in social media and look for opportunities to connect in a better way. For example, what are you doing when someone sends you a friend request? How are you taking full […]

The Legion In One Word

We asked members how they would describe The Legion in one word and here’s what they said:

What Is The Best Loan Officer Coaching Program?

best loan officer coaching program

The best loan officer coaching program is going to depend on your goals and ability to self-motivate. Some of the top mortgage coaches today include Khai McBride, Roland Cochrun, Nick Carpenter and Rick Ruby. The truth is there isn’t just one BEST program for every single mortgage advisor. The CORE Training absolutely works. They have […]

Mortgage Broker Marketing Basics

Mortgage Broker Marketing Basics

Can we talk about some mortgage broker marketing basics for a few minutes today? Every Loan Officer has to wear at least two hats in today’s mortgage environment. First, you have to know everything about DOING loans. But, there’s another hat you have to wear too – the Marketing Hat. See, the marketing person (you) […]

Best Social Media Content for Loan Officers

The Best Social Media Content for Loan Officers

You probably get the same basic questions from clients if you are anything like the mortgage advisors I know. Those questions can make a great database of Frequently Asked Questions on your Facebook business page, YouTube channel or other social profiles. What is easier than using questions people are already asking you? Simple! Here’s what […]

Would YOU Hire YOU Based on This One Question?

Would YOU Hire YOU Based on This One Question

What do consumers find when they look you up online? Does that information reinforce their decision to hire you or push them to hire someone else? I like to call these people searching you online – Ghost Clients – because you don’t know they exist until they show themselves to you. Let’s talk about it… […]

Pickup Artist Skills For Loan Officers

There are a lot of similarities between dating and our world of attracting Realtor partners which is why having pickup artist skills for loan officers is helpful. It makes sense since the mortgage profession is majority male and the real estate world is majority female. Many people, especially women, are not familiar with the idea […]

What Are Mortgage Retargeting Ads?

This question comes up all the time when Loan Officers are learning about marketing and they ask “What are mortgage retargeting ads?”. Mortgage retargeting ads are paid advertisements to people who have visited your website, engaged with your social media profiles or are in your CRM database. You can run this style of remarketing to […]