Creating Connection, with this situation in Pandemic, is one of the best interest of each and everyone of us. This is to build connection, build everyone’s relationships and self esteem

1. Connection

Firstly, people right now they’re creating connection. So number one is connection. How can you create, you know, how can you create connection? When people right now, well, because the thing is like, most people, they’re used to being in their office. They are used to being around people a lot. They’re used to going around, wherever they’ve been, wherever I’ve been doing. and then now obviously that’s not occurring, right? They are not getting those, that one-on-one connection, that human to human connection. So what you need to do is you need to make sure that you’re proactively creating connection and some of that with your network.

How can you create that connection?

1. Video Messages (Facebook)

All right. So look, it’s real easy. Facebook, you can just type in birthdays at the top. It’ll take you to the upcoming birthday shortcut and you can see whose birthday is today.

Today, I had 10 birthday, 10 friends that had their birthday. So what I did, (and this comes out of the loan officer strategy guide) This is strategy number eight inside of this guide right here. It’s the Facebook birthday video so that’s one way you can create a connection is when you see whose birthday it is, open up messenger and go into messenger and shoot them a personal video.

So I can say, “What’s up, Zach.” (I see him live. So I can say,) “Hey Zach, happy birthday! Man, I hope your day is amazing. I hope everybody’s treating you awesome. And you’re getting everything you want out of it. Have a great day, man.” And that’s just, when you, say their name, that people look, you know, what’s everybody’s favorite word, right?

Everybody’s favorite word is their own name. So if you can do that, when you see that it’s their birthday, you leave a video for them and say their name again, this is not published on their wall, and you’re not clogging up their timeline and all that. Therefore Send this as a messenger message.

Creating connection using one’s name

And say their name in the video, create that moment of connection for them. All right. It’s also going to help spike your relationship inside of Facebook. It’s going to affect the edge rank because the fact that you’re messaging with those people or whoever that is. Those are the 10 people I message today.

Now Facebook, well assuming, I have a tighter relationship with all those people because we’re messaging. Now they have a more likely chance that they’re going to see my posts on Facebook and this kind of thing. (And like Glenda said, they always respond back to the video. And oftentimes they’ll tell you, man, you’re the only person that did this. Right.?)

Especially if they don’t have that many Facebook friends, obviously for a lot of loan officers, realtors, we have a lot of friends but for most people they have less than a thousand. So in those cases, it’s way more likely that if you’re willing to get on video, shoot them a video, you just create that moment from creating connection.

Atleast create that moment of connection.

2. Phone Calls

Next about creating connection is that you’re gonna be doing phone calls. A lot of times we can leverage these kinds of like one to many platforms, emails and text messages and all this kind of stuff. But ultimately that one-on-one connection is what people are going to be craving.

When Especially we people are on lockdown, right? They’re going to need that. They might be stuck in their house. They’re stuck with their kids and not used to that. They need adult connection. So by you just reaching out, it doesn’t have to be some kind of schedule call, just reach out.

Phone calls are a great moment of connection. It’s a one-on-one connection and again, that’s what people are going to be craving right now in kind of what’s happening in this moment.

3. Voice Messages

The other thing is you can at least send voice messages.

So maybe, I went to an event and I learned that communication and again, maybe this is right or not. I don’t know, but what they said at the event was that communication is only 7% written words, it’s 38% tonality and voice and it’s a 55% body language and non-verbal communication.

Therefore if you’re not willing to get on video or you don’t want to send video messages, at least consider sending a voice message. At least somebody can hear your voice. Voice messages are getting more popular. Now, again, it doesn’t have to be like some three minute dissertation. All it has to be is as short as 15 second check-in.

You can send a voice message like, “Hey, what’s up Angela. Hope you’re doing awesome. Hey, look, if you’re stuck in the house, let me know if there’s something that I can help you do, or if you need, you know, just want to chat or just want to spit ball some ideas, we can jump on a zoom or jump on a Facebook, you know, a live Facebook chat and talk to each other” And so you can still be creating connection from those moments, even if you’re not going to have them. inside your office, if you’re stuck in your house or whatever.

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