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Want a mortgage marketing audit?

We'll jump on Zoom and go through your online presence and social marketing to see if The Legion could help you.

Why Should You Book a Call?

1. Agent Attraction System

Cherry pick the best local Realtors you want to work with by speed dating groups of agents and converting 20% of them to referral partner.  


2. Celebrity Lender System

“Set it and forget it” way of staying top of mind with people interested in your services using the tools Fortune 500 companies use.


3. Mortgage Ads Mastery

Launch Facebook and Instagram ads that connect to follow-up automation in a just few clicks and never be a slave to marketing agencies or Zillow co-marketing agreements.

4. Social Media Marketing Certification

Earn your SMMC designation and have a valuable toolbox of ways to help Realtors grow their business using online marketing and social media platforms.

The Legion Is The Home You've Been Looking For.

Here are some member stories (and what you can look forward to)…

Producing Branch Manager John Richter
We’re a great Family and Nick will take care of you.” 

Tennessee Loan Officer Ben Miller
“I felt like it would give me a leg up…almost a cheat code…and guess what…I was right!” 

Producing Branch Manager Casey Knowles
“It’s completely turned around my life. Not just my work. My life.” 

Mortgage Broker Rebecca Richardson
“Since joining The Legion, I have a renewed excitement for my business and generate exclusive leads daily.” 

Mortgage Broker Zach Kraft
“Nick not only taught me simple stuff like lead generation but he also taught me how to build real relationships.” 

California Mortgage Broker Joe Elizondo
“The tactics and knowledge Nick passed on to us will be worth 20X what I spent!” 

Mortgage Company Chief Marketing Officer Caton Del Rosario
“I’ve probably tripled my business since joining…which is insane!” 

Mortgage Broker Ryan Lee
“The Legion took me from a starving plate to steak and shrimp!” 

New York Loan Officer Eric Braun
“I joined LOLO to learn how to run Facebook ads and it’s been a lot more than that!” 

California Mortgage Broker Chris Carter
“We’ve generated well over 20 loan applications and I just referred out over $1MM in pre-approved buyers.” 

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