Come out of CoronaVirus, how can we overcome this pandemic? How does the economy bounce back?

The first law of combat in the book, extreme ownership is called covered, move. You’ll find out more, if you join us in an in person event in Las Vegas. Fundamentally cover and move is a gun fighting tactic. One gunfighter provides cover by laying down, led fire while the other moves and maneuvers on the enemy. Then he lays down fire in a position while the other guy leapfrogs and moves to another location. They leapfrog so forth, cover and moving cover and moving. Basically it’s a gun fighting tactic and it’s fundamentally, the only actual military infantry tactic that exists is covering.

What happens is that we’ve seen how that applies to the business world. Because it is fundamentally at its core, the purest example of teamwork. So I could add, I could really ever think of cover and move. Although it is fundamentally a military gun fighting tactic, it is essentially as teamwork.

Right now, this company that I was just describing to you, who’s tired, but has more business than they’ve ever had and is otherwise weathering the storm incredibly more than ever. They need to focus on their team and on their teamwork, their relationships because no matter what, when they come out of coronavirus, this cycle of nutso illness, insanity ends, and it will end because this too will change.

This will come to an end more than ever we will come out of coronavirus stronger. I said, you guys have got to stay together as a team. And when this is all over, you can’t hate each other so much that your team fractures as a result of this, because then you’ve got nothing. Now you’re starting all over again. So remember that your team is more important than any one single loan at the same time.

Come out of Coronavirus with your team

No one person is above any one loan. Like, you know, no one person is so important that they can say “screw you” to a borrower or whatever, but your team is more important than any loan because when that loan closes, ( and yes, it’s a lifelong customer and you want the referral and repeat business) when that loan closes you just say thank you and they move on.

Maybe refer you down the road next month. Guess who’s still around. Hopefully your team. And you close a bunch of loans and those people are gone out the back of the pipeline and get stay in touch. They’re your friends and they refer you and you catch up on Facebook, but the next month, guess who’s still around? you and your team.

So when you get frustrated, whenever these relationships and your team are the most important thing right now, and then if you can come through this stuff together, if you can build relationships, you can actually come through everything right now, even stronger than when you went into it. And the teams that stay together right now that learn to cover and move for one another through these unique challenges who take ownership of these challenges rather than casting blame about what’s happening in the market and COVID-19, or the weather or whatever the case may be easy to blame external circumstances, the teams that don’t, that take extreme ownership, they cover move for each other, that focus on relationships can and will actually come through this storm that we’re in stronger than they went into it.

And those teams. Those those, those their doors aren’t closing. They’re not just gonna decline a little bit and get better. They’re actually going to thrive and come through the other side stronger than they went in.

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