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Here are some member stories (and what you can look forward to)…

“I was trying to figure out ways to differentiate myself and bring real value to Realtors. Now I generate exclusive buyer leads that help me grow my business.” – Rebecca

“I was a 1-2 deal Loan Officer. The Legion took my game to the next level. Now I’m a 5+ Loan Officer.” – Michael

“Since I joined The Legion, I’ve been able to pick up 8 new Realtor teams, and that’s about 40 Realtors.” – Reed

“Now, I have agents reaching out on social media that want to meet with me.” – Ted

“Giving a shout out to Nick and Bryan over there at The Legion of Loan Officers. They are fantastic to work with. They are responsive and super helpful.” – Bobby
“Please consider getting on Nick’s program immediately. You will not be sorry. I give Nick and Bryan Carpenter my full-throated endorsement.” – James
“Within the first 6 leads, 3 of them got pre-approved. One of them ended up scheduling a showing and this afternoon I was told the contract was accepted on a $700,000 home.” – Doug
“I just had my record breaking month and all my closings came from Facebook leads. I used to be a 2-3 type of loan officer, now I’m 7-8 per month.” – Big League
“I quit my BNI group and that was huge because it basically blows! I also got invited to be a speaker for the Association of Realtors…all thanks to you.” – Reed
“We’ve been able to blow up the business and I’ve probably tripled my business ever since I joined, which is insane!” – Caton
“It’s unbelievable power. It’s completely changed my life. Not just my business, but my life. It’s a serious group and I’ve met some great friends.” – Casey
“I’ve had Realtors message me, randomly, and just say ‘hey when can we have coffee?’ and I’ve never had Realtors reach out and ask to meet ME.” – Jeremy
“We sent a Realtor 27 lead forms in 24 hours and she put as preferred lender on all her Zillow listings because of all the leads.” – Rob
“My latest campaign generated 43 leads. 4 of them turned into applications. One $350,000 VA buyer and we were able to pull out a $400,000 cash buyer that I referred to my Realtor partner.” – Caton
“Giving a Realtor leads with their listings is awesome. I’ve ran that twice and got 17 leads on each so I’m looking forward to more. So thanks again to Nick and Bryan. – Ben
“The custom audience ad we did … 75% response rate. Then we did the property ad and the total lead count was 23 on that one so it was awesome.” – Wendell
“In a 24 hour period we were able to generate 14 leads and right off the bat it generated a listing appointment for the Realtor and a couple more showings. These are just top, top, top drawer leads and I recommend them.” – Bill
“I have actually been blown away. I thought it was just lead generation but it’s also marketing, video content, getting yourself out there…” – Reed