UWM Success Track Attendee Promotes Legion of Loan Officers

Trey McClure at UWM Success Track

Trey McClure is a Mortgage Broker from Illinois who attended a UWM Success Track event at the United Wholesale Mortgage offices up in Detroit, Michigan. This is a free-ish 3 day event that teaches mortgage brokers how to use all the tools the #1 wholesale lender in the country offers besides those square “Cleared to […]

What Is The Legion of Loan Officers?

legion of loan officers 2018

What’s going on it’s Nick, I’m going to take you inside real quick and give you a tour of mortgage marketing mastery in Legion of Loan Officers 2018. Here we go. So you can see you have the major program, mortgage marketing mastery, which I’m going to go inside in just a second. And then […]

Are We Going Into a Recession or Housing Crash?

are we going into a recession

Are we going into a recession? So, we have the technical definition of recession as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP. We’re certainly looking at first quarter, being projected as being negative. Then, we’ll confirm that when that comes out second quarter of being significantly negative. I think it is safe to say we were […]

From 2 to 8 Loans Per Month in The Legion of Loan Officers


Loans Target is really hard to attain in your monthly deliverables if you don’t have the right resources and the right team to walk you through it. Read on this article to know how one of the members from The Legion of loan Officers increased his targets from 2 to 8 loans per month. For […]

Loan Officer Facebook Ad Expert According to Google & YouTube

loan officer facebook ad expert

Yeah, what’s going on. It seems to be the, uh, seems to be the popular thing around here to claim that, you know, and you’re a loan officer Facebook ad expert, right. I’m sure besides me that you’ve seen a whole bunch of other people on here claiming to be loan officer. Facebook ad experts. […]

The Legion in One Word


The Legion of loan Officers, when you’re in a team, how would you describe it? For the Legion, it is more than just a team, it more than just a partnership. It is a FAMILY. This post will briefly describe how some members of the Legion describe it in one word or how the Legion […]