Best Mortgage Software For Loan Officers Who Want To Grow

Best Mortgage Software for Growth Minded Loan Officers

Loan Officers today are peppered with offers from marketing companies and agencies claiming to have the golden egg when you are just searching for the best mortgage software. We used to have one of those expensive marketing agencies where we would charge people up to $5000 per month to have us run and manage their […]

Mortgage Broker Marketing Basics

mortgage broker marketing basics

Let’s talk about some Mortgage Broker marketing basics to help you get results from the time you spend on social media. There are some simple things you can tweak to get more engagement and enjoy the process more. Originally posted on

Would YOU Hire YOU Based on This One Question?

Would YOU Hire YOU Based on This One Question

What do consumers find when they look you up online? Does that information reinforce their decision to hire you or push them to hire someone else? I like to call these people searching you online – Ghost Clients – because you don’t know they exist until they show themselves to you. Let’s talk about it… […]

Are We Going Into a Recession or Housing Crash?

are we going into a recession

Are we going into a recession? So, we have the technical definition of recession as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP. We’re certainly looking at first quarter, being projected as being negative. Then, we’ll confirm that when that comes out second quarter of being significantly negative. I think it is safe to say we were […]

Learning New Social Platforms as a Mortgage Broker

social platforms

Number 11 is looking at new social platforms. Social Platforms So obviously, we’re on Facebook and this is one platform, but there’s a lot of platforms that are out there. Between Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, LinkdIn, all these different types of platforms. And maybe it’s the time that you could be putting in 30 minutes […]

1 Million Ways to Leverage Your Mortgage Marketing Content

Ways to Leverage Mortgage Marketing Content One of the ways to leverage your mortgage marketing content, I’m calling it Double Down. So ultimately you have things that are working for you and your business today and in your marketing. And what you can do is look at what’s already working for you and double down […]

Get More Juice From Your Mortgage Marketing

juice from your mortgage marketing

What I’m going to share to you today is how to get more juice from your mortgage marketing. So what does that really mean? It’s like, how can you get more out of what you’re already doing? Okay. So how can you get more juice from your mortgage marketing? Juice from your Mortgage Marketing – […]

Mortgage Leads – Scrub 30 Percent with this Automation

mortgage leads

Automation of Mortgage Leads Automation to get mortgage leads will help you convert more business. This will really help you focus your time on who you can actually work with. We have response rate in some of our different campaigns. We got 71%, that’s a very high response rate down to our average of between […]

Can Organic Mortgage Marketing Beat Paid Marketing?

organic mortgage marketing

Organic Mortgage Marketing – Chris Griffith from Debt Does Deals believes will be paid marketing every day for Loan Officers. Firstly, a lot of Sellers/Realtors/Agents use paid ads to attract prospect buyers, but for Chris, using organic marketing would increase your target clients as much as the paid ads will do for you. When too […]

This Text Made Loan Officers Over $1 MILLION

This text refinance cash

Refinance Cash Truck This text refinance cash truck message has generated millions of dollars of production for my clients and also people in the Legion as well. It’s a super simple message that you can send out to your entire past client database. You can also send this message to all of your online leads, […]