Best Mortgage Software For Loan Officers Who Want To Grow

Best Mortgage Software for Growth Minded Loan Officers

Loan Officers today are peppered with offers from marketing companies and agencies claiming to have the golden egg when you are just searching for the best mortgage software. We used to have one of those expensive marketing agencies where we would charge people up to $5000 per month to have us run and manage their […]

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers

Military VA Mortgage Leads

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers –​ Hey, I’m Nick. I have a quick question for you. So, Do you work with military home buyers? Do you like helping military veterans use the VA home loan program in order to become a homeowner or to refinance their existing loan? or we’re actually generating. […]

What Is The Best Day To Email Old Mortgage Leads?

email old mortgage leads

Email Old Mortgage Leads Hi! What’s going on? Happy Day Ahead! I wanted to just come live with you real quick and talk about when is the best time to follow up with or email old mortgage leads? The thing is if you’re running Facebook ads or you’re doing any kind of lead generation, then […]

Loan Officers: Shock & Awe Realtors into Becoming Referral Partners

Shock & Awe Realtors

Shock & Awe Realtors Shock & Awe Realtors. All right. What’s up? I’m Nick, we’re going to talk about the L D T model to Shock & Awe Realtors into becoming referral partners. But before we talk about what that is, let’s talk about what that isn’t. Okay. The LDT model. It’s not Monday cold […]

How To Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

real estate leads facebook

Real Estate Leads Facebook All right. What’s up Nick carpenter. I was just looking here in the realtor lead-generation tips group, then I saw Brian Cagle asked a question about real estate leads Facebook. Has anyone had success holding open houses during the week or door-knocking hot neighborhoods? I think I need an extra source […]