From 2 to 8 Loans Per Month in The Legion of Loan Officers


Loans Target is really hard to attain in your monthly deliverables if you don’t have the right resources and the right team to walk you through it. Read on this article to know how one of the members from The Legion of loan Officers increased his targets from 2 to 8 loans per month. For […]

Mortgage Leads – Scrub 30 Percent with this Automation

mortgage leads

Automation of Mortgage Leads Automation to get mortgage leads will help you convert more business. This will really help you focus your time on who you can actually work with. We have response rate in some of our different campaigns. We got 71%, that’s a very high response rate down to our average of between […]

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook (Made Easy)

Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook

All right, what’s going on? I’m Nick, wanted to provide a little value today for everybody here in the realtor lead gen tips group and show you how you can market your database on Facebook. This Realtor Database Marketing on Facebook is used because it’s a cool way that you can stay in front of […]

Mortgage Facebook Ads: How to Target Relocation Clients

Mortgage Facebook Ads

All right, what’s up it’s Nick. I’m gonna show you real quick about mortgage Facebook ads. Gary here was asking about, you know, if he knows, how can he find people in Cincinnati that are going to be moving here with Toyota because, or not here rather, I guess here as in like, I used […]

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers

Military VA Mortgage Leads

Military VA Mortgage Leads for Loan Officers –​ Hey, I’m Nick. I have a quick question for you. So, Do you work with military home buyers? Do you like helping military veterans use the VA home loan program in order to become a homeowner or to refinance their existing loan? or we’re actually generating. […]

Come Out of Coronavirus With a Stronger Mortgage Team

come out of coronavirus

Come out of CoronaVirus, how can we overcome this pandemic? How does the economy bounce back? The first law of combat in the book, extreme ownership is called covered, move. You’ll find out more, if you join us in an in person event in Las Vegas. Fundamentally cover and move is a gun fighting tactic. […]

Mortgage Broker Lead Automation Message Getting 25 Percent Response Rate

mortgage broker lead automation

First let’s talk about a message that we have inside of our automated campaigns that mortgage broker lead automation use and has a 25% response rate. So this message is. Personally responsible for 25% of the responses. Out of every four people that receive our automated messaging, one of those people is responding to this […]