Are We Going Into a Recession or Housing Crash?

are we going into a recession

Are we going into a recession? So, we have the technical definition of recession as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP. We’re certainly looking at first quarter, being projected as being negative. Then, we’ll confirm that when that comes out second quarter of being significantly negative. I think it is safe to say we were […]

Get More Juice From Your Mortgage Marketing

juice from your mortgage marketing

What I’m going to share to you today is how to get more juice from your mortgage marketing. So what does that really mean? It’s like, how can you get more out of what you’re already doing? Okay. So how can you get more juice from your mortgage marketing? Juice from your Mortgage Marketing – […]

This Text Made Loan Officers Over $1 MILLION

This text refinance cash

Refinance Cash Truck This text refinance cash truck message has generated millions of dollars of production for my clients and also people in the Legion as well. It’s a super simple message that you can send out to your entire past client database. You can also send this message to all of your online leads, […]

Quarantine Marketing for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers Part 3 of 4


Marketing Ideas Systems So that’s where we’re at right now in Quarantine Marketing. That’s where the first six ideas again, go back, watch those videos. Um, Well, we’re going to press forward into video number three. Okay. So today number one, uh, I guess really number seven on our list here is systems. Now there’s […]

Quarantine Marketing for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers Part 1 of 4

Quarantine Marketing 1

What’s happening. What’s happening. Welcome to quarantine marketing part one. We’re going to show you how you can keep winning. I’ve got 10 different ideas. I’m going to bring to you this week in case you’re on lockdown, or you get put on lockdown, you can come and reference to these ideas and how to […]

3 Ways To Audit Your Mortgage Business

3 ways to audit your mortgage business

There are 3 ways to audit your mortgage business. Time Money Team So right now it’s a time that you can be auditing your business. Okay, So what should you actually be auditing? Firstly, you could start auditing your time. So you can be looking at where are you normally spending your time and your […]

Creating Connection When You Can’t Meet In Person

creating connection

Creating Connection, with this situation in Pandemic, is one of the best interest of each and everyone of us. This is to build connection, build everyone’s relationships and self esteem 1. Connection Firstly, people right now they’re creating connection. So number one is connection. How can you create, you know, how can you create connection? […]

Come Out of Coronavirus With a Stronger Mortgage Team

come out of coronavirus

Come out of CoronaVirus, how can we overcome this pandemic? How does the economy bounce back? The first law of combat in the book, extreme ownership is called covered, move. You’ll find out more, if you join us in an in person event in Las Vegas. Fundamentally cover and move is a gun fighting tactic. […]

Loan Officer Marketing on Facebook Part 3

loan officer marketing on facebook

This is step three in the loan officer marketing on Facebook series. If you haven’t caught them before, you know the other two videos/content, make sure you go back and read those because they’re super important. I’ll link both below. But video number three, we’re going to talk about again, how you can grow your […]

Loan Officer Marketing on Facebook Like a Freakin’ Boss (Part 2 of 3)

free organic Facebook Marketing

Free Facebook Marketing What’s up? It’s Nick again, back for a step number two for loan officer marketing on Facebook, and we’re showing you three organic strategies in getting free Facebook marketing. How you can grow your connections, how you can, build a bigger mortgage marketing or mortgage business rather inside of Facebook using these […]