Turn $11/Day in Adspend to $24,528 in Mortgage Commission

Loan Officers often want to create their own mortgage deals to have clients to share with Realtors. Here’s a simple equation on how we use $11 per day in adspend to generate enough leads to create over $24,000 in actual commissions. Check out the video to see exactly how you can do this. Want some […]

How Loan Officer Online Marketing All Connects Together?

loan officer online marketing

How it Connects for loan officer online marketing? All right. So one of the questions I get a lot is how does all the loan officer online marketing stuff connect together? How does it all work? You know, how does making YouTube videos work with blogging and Facebook ads? And you know, actually getting leads […]

Mortgage Facebook Ads: How to Target Relocation Clients

Mortgage Facebook Ads

All right, what’s up it’s Nick. I’m gonna show you real quick about mortgage Facebook ads. Gary here was asking about, you know, if he knows, how can he find people in Cincinnati that are going to be moving here with Toyota because, or not here rather, I guess here as in like, I used […]

Loan Officer Facebook Ad Expert According to Google & YouTube

loan officer facebook ad expert

Yeah, what’s going on. It seems to be the, uh, seems to be the popular thing around here to claim that, you know, and you’re a loan officer Facebook ad expert, right. I’m sure besides me that you’ve seen a whole bunch of other people on here claiming to be loan officer. Facebook ad experts. […]

Loan Officers: Shock & Awe Realtors into Becoming Referral Partners

Shock & Awe Realtors

Shock & Awe Realtors Shock & Awe Realtors. All right. What’s up? I’m Nick, we’re going to talk about the L D T model to Shock & Awe Realtors into becoming referral partners. But before we talk about what that is, let’s talk about what that isn’t. Okay. The LDT model. It’s not Monday cold […]

How To Get Real Estate Leads on Facebook

real estate leads facebook

Real Estate Leads Facebook All right. What’s up Nick carpenter. I was just looking here in the realtor lead-generation tips group, then I saw Brian Cagle asked a question about real estate leads Facebook. Has anyone had success holding open houses during the week or door-knocking hot neighborhoods? I think I need an extra source […]