Pickup Artist Skills For Loan Officers

There are a lot of similarities between dating and our world of attracting Realtor partners which is why having pickup artist skills for loan officers is helpful. It makes sense since the mortgage profession is majority male and the real estate world is majority female. Many people, especially women, are not familiar with the idea […]

How To Add More Realtor Partners as a Loan Officer in 2023

How To Add More Realtor Partners as a Loan Officer in 2023

Old school strategies that used to work pretty well to grow a mortgage business are old news to the modern day agent. They don’t need your coffee in the morning, are on a strict grass fed dairy free diet for lunch and don’t eat out and they would rather go out with their actual friends […]

7 Ways for Loan Officers to Host Better Events for Realtors

events for realtors

I wanted to share seven ideas that will make your live events for realtors better. Most of the time, I have one-on-one calls with people every week. In a lot of my one-on-one calls are around live events for realtors, (because Brian and Luke do such a good job on the tech side) I don’t […]

3 Ways Loan Officers Try to Hit On New Realtors

New Realtors

All right, what’s going on? I figured I would just go live here and talk real quick and share how loan officers can get more new realtors and partners. Okay. I have at least two or three conversations with loan officers a day and I’ve come up with basically that there’s three different categories or […]

3 Ways To Audit Your Mortgage Business

3 ways to audit your mortgage business

There are 3 ways to audit your mortgage business. Time Money Team So right now it’s a time that you can be auditing your business. Okay, So what should you actually be auditing? Firstly, you could start auditing your time. So you can be looking at where are you normally spending your time and your […]

Loan Officers: Shock & Awe Realtors into Becoming Referral Partners

Shock & Awe Realtors

Shock & Awe Realtors Shock & Awe Realtors. All right. What’s up? I’m Nick, we’re going to talk about the L D T model to Shock & Awe Realtors into becoming referral partners. But before we talk about what that is, let’s talk about what that isn’t. Okay. The LDT model. It’s not Monday cold […]

4 Ways To Make Your Live Realtor Events Better

Watch this 11 minute for my best 4 ideas that are working right now in this post(ish) Covid time since everyone is eager to get back in person at live events. Need more help? Maybe Legion membership would make sense for you. Check that out here.

3 Ideas To Improve Loan Officer Realtor Relationships

Improve Loan Officer Realtor Relationships

Smart mortgage pros know the fastest way to build a big business is having great Loan Officer Realtor relationships. Sure, there a lots of referral sources but Realtors have their ear to the ground all the time. No one really wants a mortgage. They want a home. Our product is really a need not a […]

Local Business and Events Promotion for Realtor Video Marketing

local business event promotion

How will your Local Business Event promotion help in Real Estate Marketing? Last idea I got for you is local business and event promotion. Now, what I mean by this is the idea of becoming your local ambassador. Exposure is valuable, we talked about how attention is currency. Well, if you can give attention to […]

Omnipresence on Facebook Using Paid Ads

Omnipresence on Facebook

Omnipresence on Facebook, how can you be omnipresent on the paid side? So now let’s talk about being omnipresent on the paid side (Omnipresence on facebook). Real simple process that I have. I call it the Cerberus guard-dog method. Cerberus, if you don’t know who Cerberus was, he was Hades pet, he guarded the Gates […]