Organic Mortgage Marketing – Chris Griffith from Debt Does Deals believes will be paid marketing every day for Loan Officers.

Firstly, a lot of Sellers/Realtors/Agents use paid ads to attract prospect buyers, but for Chris, using organic marketing would increase your target clients as much as the paid ads will do for you.

When too many people are out there on Facebook and their social platforms, sharing things, and there’s superficial, every single consumers looking at you, laughing, going, it’s like a TV commercial only it’s crappier and it, and I’m trying to get away from the TV commercials. Thanks, Ted. Thanks Nancy, you really helped me out today, right?

Like, come on, be who you are. And create a relationship with that people and let them understand what you do and how you solve for problems for people by opening up opportunity for the people you’ve worked for, then helped to speak about you. So you’re not having to speak about yourself all the time. And Google reviews are great.

But at the end of the day, when there’s a client that asks a question in a Facebook group and eight people tag me or one of my cohorts before they get to your 2000 paid five star reviews on Google. At the very least, your Google reviews don’t matter that much. So an active reviews better than a passive review any day of the week.

Lastly peer to peer networking has an opportunity. Also I think can create a place where organic mortgage marketing can defeat paid marketing.


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