The best loan officer coaching program is going to depend on your goals and ability to self-motivate. Some of the top mortgage coaches today include Khai McBride, Roland Cochrun, Nick Carpenter and Rick Ruby.

The truth is there isn’t just one BEST program for every single mortgage advisor.

The CORE Training absolutely works. They have been around forever. There stuff for sure works but it’s also a beat down.

best loan officer coaching program

I have a different approach to win AND have fun.

You might be shocked by this mortgage artifact I found in a museum recently.

Roland Cochrun and Khai McBride also have great programs and are legit coaches in the mortgage space.

Again, I have a different approach to winning.

Mortgage marketing is like Buddhism. There are 10,000 paths to enlightenment.

Here are my thoughts on what is the best loan officer coaching program:

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